Praying Ephesians -Ephesians 2-

“None of us will have any more spiritual understanding than the Spirit gives us; but then he will give us as much as we seek by earnest and believing prayer. To grow in grace, and in knowledge, we must consult both the book and its Divine Author: the one by study, and the other by prayer.”  John Angell James

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Father, this Saturday morning, a day before Resurrection Sunday I come in prayer before you to give you thanks for your glorious Grace displayed on the Cross and the Resurrection.

Father, it is beyond all my comprehension that when I was dead in my trespasses and sins in which I once walked -and loved-, when I was following the course of this world without any objections; when I was a daughter of disobedience, of wrath, living in the passions of my flesh and carrying out the desires of my body and mind. When I thought I was seeking you but in reality I was only looking for the gifts that only You can give, when I was hopeless in this fallen world, Jesus died for me on that cruel cross and after three days rose again from the death conquering sin and death, taking on himslef all my guilt and curse, and giving me Life.

Your are rich in mercy, Oh God, the love with which you have loved your own is greater than the heavens. Always reaching to the sinner, to the hopeless, to the sinner. Lord, thank you for giving us life in Christ. Thank you for the power of the resurrection and for all the kindness that in Christ you have shown to us. Thank you because we are now in Christ, now my life is hidden within Him. What an amazing Grace that saves through faith hopeless sinners like me! Thank you for giving me the gift of faith to believe. Thank you because my salvation does not depend on me, on my will, on my choices “for you,” because I am sure I would have never chosen you. Thank you because you saved me by grace through faith and even now, in  my daily walk,  you sustain me by your grace and the faith you give me to endure the trials  and temptations that each day bring.

Thank you, Father, because the salvation of your children is not by works. Thank you, thank you! Thank you because the only work that was perfect was Jesus’ and it has pleased you to bestow upon me the righteousness that comes from His work.  Thank you because it has pleased you to give me the salvation of my soul, which is the most wonderful gift that one could ever receive!

Help me to live with a humble and grateful heart that loves to obey your Word. Help me to walk with wide open eyes to see the good works which you have prepared beforehand for me to do.  Help me to live giving and walking in Grace.

Lord, help me to walk my Christian life remembering that once I was not saved, that I loved walking in the flesh, that I was not in the Covenant. That I may never forget what it was to be separated from Christ, what it was to live having no hope in this fallen world. I don’t want to forget how dark the pit in which you found me was, so that I may always have a heart full of compassion towards those who are not in your family yet. Help me, Lord to preach the gospel that saves. I pray for ______________ that you may bring them near to you by the blood of Christ. I intercede for __________that may come to know what true peace is.

Father, I come to you through Jesus giving you thanks because I am no longer a stranger, but a fellow citizen with the saints and a member of your household. Thank you because every day you continue to build my life on the foundation of the apostles and prophets; a strong building that stands against all storms because Christ Jesus is the cornerstone. Thank you for your Church, O Lord, help us to grow together in your Truth, encouraging one another not to fall into sin, or in the deceptions of this world, but to walk in the faith, established on your Holy Word. Help us to walk humbly, knowing at all times that we are where we are because your Grace has reached toward us, helpless sinners.

Praying in Jesus’ name whose Name is above all names,



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