Under the Shadow of His Wings

The shadow of the past,
The shadow of wrong decisions,
Shadows that hunt
In a spring day appear.
Is there a way to hide from them?
A greater Shadow
As bright as the Sun?
A burning Shadow
Consuming all shame?
A Shadow that cures
All fears and tears?
Oh, that I may abide
Underneath it!
Under the Shadow of the Almighty,
I will make my refuge,
I will set my tent there
And not be moved.
The Lord hides His own
In the Shadow of His wings,
Until all storms of destruction
By the sound of His
Invincible voice 
are silenced to death.
No shadow can make me tremble
For under the Shadow of the Mighty God
I stand.
No Devil will dare to seek me
When under the Shadow of God The Father
I pray assured.


2 thoughts on “Under the Shadow of His Wings

  1. It's such a beautiful thing to be under HIS shadow…isn't it? How precious HE is!! This poem is lovely my friend…thank you for sharing. It reminds me of Psalm 91…our *life-Psalm* as a couple. 🙂

    Love to you!


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