Retro-Blogging (1st Time I do a Meme on my Blog)

I miss blogging and I miss you, my dear readers (especially those who are not on FB). But it is OK, your life -and mine- has continued to go on happily with out any of my posts, and that is good. There is so much to read now, right?

But here I am, prompted by my friend Lisa and her idea to go back to the good ol’ days of blogging in which there were no big rules on what to write and what not to write. And, Oh, especially to go back and re-build the community we had. Blogging “just because we enjoy the give-and-take, the community, the conversation” that is a good enough reason to open this space again.  So hopefully, and with no big aspirations at all, and no numbers (like Trisha said) to keep track of, but instead, keeping in mind all the good things and the good friends that come around in this, my little blogging world, I am back. Welcome again, my Friends!

So for the fun of it, and because it is Friday, and because I feel we need an ice-breaker, I will join Lisa in this Meme:

Here’s 7 things you may not know about me:

1. I generally don’t like memes. I remember thinking to myself -more than once- that I would never do one on my blog (or FB).

2. I still have trouble deciding if I should use “in” or “on.” See #1, I changed that “on”  before “my blog” three times. I am still unsure if I made the right choice (I am hoping that you one of the things you already know about me is that English is my second language).

3. The more I travel, the more I wish I could avoid planes and airports. I like window seats so that I can close the window and pretend that I am not flying.

4. I dream with having my own little Café shop-with a wonderful atmosphere, of course- in which I would serve the best breakfast in town (which of course would not be in Mexico City, because you all know we would love to move to some other place….).

5. I am an extrovert and sometimes I wish I would be an introvert. Maybe that is the reason why I LOVE to have introvert friends. I learn so much from them!

6. I don’t have a favorite color, or restaurant, or kind of food, or book, or anything! My little one (9yo) has learned to ask me, “Mom, what is your favorite color *today*?”

7. I love Ann Voskamp and I apologized to her for the words I spoke -and wrote- that were harsh and graceless. There, I said it. So if you see me linking to her blog now and then, please don’t think that I have abandoned the Reformed faith 🙂 As with the rest of my fellow brothers and sisters, Ann and I don’t always agree, but we continually sharpen and encourage each other to live a holy life before God, and that is a blessing.

So, here you go, this was fun and I am happy to be back.

Thanks, Lisa!

Under His Sun and by His grace,


11 thoughts on “Retro-Blogging (1st Time I do a Meme on my Blog)

  1. LOVE this! I want to visit your cafe! And I deeply appreciate #7. I am weary of all the time wondering who and what I'm supposed to agree with (and not) and fearing the censure of those who may judge me based on a link I share or a quote I offer. So, yes, let's be women who are unafraid to extend grace and who are humble enough to be encouraged by and perhaps even learn from those with whom we may disagree on this point or that! That is a blessing, you are right!


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