Christian Marriages and the Culture War

In a world gone mad, in a world where many -pretend- not to know the differences between a man and a woman, a boy and a girl; in a world in which limits are being pushed beyond common sense and against God’s order, in that world, our world, we are doing the sane thing, the Biblical thing, the thing that others are condemning as insane: we support our children to marry young with other God-fearing Christians while at the same time we fight for our marriages.

Christian marriages, Friends, are a declaration of war against those riding the tide of sin that wants to drown the Kingdom of God.

The devil wants to give children “two moms” or “two dads,” and one effective way to fight him is supporting our young Christian people to marry in Christ and have children and raise them in the fear of the Lord and teach them to love Jesus.

We also fight this heresy the world is preaching by striving to be better moms and dads. We can’t fight the devil’s lie by living ourselves in a lie. We kill the sin that is in us and is making us bad parents. We do something more than hope to become better parents: we kill the sin in us: anger, laziness, bitterness, etc. we put our phones down, we read books together with our kids, we laugh with them and eat as families, we hug and kiss our kids, and hug and kiss our husband; we go to church together and pray together. We ask for forgiveness and grant forgiveness. We live the Gospel and are not ashamed of it. All these are war tactics and we make use of them by faith.

The devil wants to kill babies, so we, Christians, have babies and teach little ones the Gospel. And as these littles grow, we faithfully teach them the sanctity of life and about the Giver of Life.

The devil is deceiving people into believing that the DNA God has written for each one of us is irrelevant, that people can choose their own sexual identity. So we go to war by teaching our children the differences between a man and a woman. We teach men to be men and women to be women. Both strong. Both biblical grounded. Both understanding the different roles God has given us, and we teach them to embrace the differences with gladness. Both, man and woman, loving Christ and the Kingdom of God, and His Church. Both fearless of the years to come because they know the Scriptures and know in Whom they have believed.

And yes, at the same time, we turn to the one to whom we said “I do,” and we look for his hand and his chest and we do that by faith also. We work on our own marriage and do not grow weary of doing good, of building, of loving, of walking an extra mile. We fight for our own marriage because we cannot run away from the battlefield. That would be suicide and we know that. We persevere because God is for us and never against us, because His mercies are new every morning. And we know that too. We don’t try to find how to tweak the Scriptures and find and easier and more comfortable way to explain “submission” and “respect.” We don’t fear those words, and we teach our girls not to fear them- because we fear God not man and God’s design is good, very, very good indeed.

So hope in God and fear not. Fight the good fight of faith.

Under His Sun and by His grace,


1 thought on “Christian Marriages and the Culture War

  1. Thank you, Becky, for boldly proclaiming Truth and for encouraging us to live and die on that Truth! You are a sweet blessing. I sit here today nodding my head and smiling at these wise words you have penned. May the Lord truly have the hearts and minds of us all, and may we be found following Him wherever He leads. Big hugs to you!! With love, Camille


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