How to Not Waste Your Trials p.1


John Piper wrote a wonderful book, Don’t Waste Your Life, and then years later an article that has blessed thousands, Don’t Waste Your Cancer.

In our church we have a ladies prayer group that also coordinates ladies to bring flowers, cards, meals, books, etc. to encourage others in our church who are going through trials. The name of our group is Don’t Waste Your Trials.

I am planning to write some posts on how not to waste our trials. I will be sharing them with the ladies in our group and also on my IG account. So stay tuned. 🧡

I pray you find them encouraging.

May the Lord help us to make a profit on our trials!

We Don’t Waste Our Trials When We See Jesus in Them

“Take courage! It is I! Do not be afraid!” Mark 6:50

We don’t waste our trials when we see Jesus in them.

As Christian women, what we desire most is more of Jesus. But when trials come, we easily get distracted by our own fears, by the storm that is indeed frightening and real. We get distracted by the trial, and miss Jesus. We miss the Triune God, the compassion of the Father, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the life Jesus promises-

But there is a better way to walk through trials: See Jesus there, in the storm. In your storm. Don’t miss the powerful words that in the midst of the scariest storm, He says, “Take courage! Its is I! Do not be afraid!” It is Jesus who meets us where we are standing: a fiery storm, a lonely hospital room, an unknown path, a difficult hill to climb, when we receive the unexpected hard news, when friends desert us, in the lockdown, in the secret church service, while making a dinner for a hostile neighbor.

Jesus meets us in the storm and in the storm His Word gives us courage, because it is in His Word that His presence is found.

So let us, by the help of God, not waste our trials today, by missing Jesus and His Word in them.

Run to Christ. Run to the Word.

Under His sun and by His grace,

Becky Pliego

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