Slowing Down and Reading your Journal

 The sun is warming our kitchen. I am ready for coffee and I will bake some muffins for my Beloved and kids.

Saturday is here.

Saturdays are great for slowing down and taking time to read some of what you have written in your journal (blog); and examine yourself.

As I come and read and ponder over words in paper, words in the blog, it is easier to take a closer look and examine myself.

Am I really doing something to destroy that particular sin which I love to feed?

What has happened with such attitude?

Have I done what I said I needed to do?

Where I am now?

This is why I keep a journal, this is the reason I write. My thoughts are many, and I need to see to see from outside to examine my life.

I also write, because my mind is prone to wander, prone to forget how the Lord has brought us out of many trials before with His outstretched right hand. I do not want to forget His endless gifts. His mercies. My prayers and my songs.

So, today, from the archives (of the former -so much loved- blog) this is what I found:

Repentance and Forgiveness

A Night Thought

In Silence

Lessons from a Lost Book and Cable

May your wanderings through your journal (blog) today bring you closer to Him.

What Do You Think?

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