The Lord’s Day

Today we, God’s own people, come to the Lord’s Table. People from all nations, ransomed by His blood, today we come and gather and remember.

Today is the Lord’s Day. Let us remember to keep it holy.

J.C Ryle says on his book, Practical Religion, the following about the Lord’s Supper:

“In eating that bread and drinking that cup, such a man will have his repentance deepened, his faith increased, his knowledge enlarged, his habit of holy living strengthened. He will realize more of the “real presence” of Christ in his heart.” (p. 153)

Ryle then proceeds to “offer some warnings required by the times…

“1. Do not neglect the Lord’s Supper.

2. Do not receive the Lord’s Supper carelessly, irreverently, and as a matter of form.

3. Do not make an idol of the Lord’s Supper.

4. Do not use the Lord’s Supper irregularly.

5. Do not do anything to bring discredit on your profession as a communicant. The man who after attending the Lord’s Table runs into sin, does more harm perhaps than any other sinner.

6. Do not despond and be cast down, if with all you desires you do not feel to get great good from the Lord’s Supper.”

Read more about J.C Ryle teaching on the Lord’s Table here.
Another resource worth reading is, Private Meditations After Communion

Happy Lord’s Day, Let us remember, let us feast!

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