Remember the Sick in Prayer

Today I am breathing, are you?

Take a deep breath, can you feel the air filling your lungs?

Can you take a deep breath after the summer showers and walk over the damp green grass?

Can you fill your lungs with air to sing praises to our God?

My friend cannot.

Jo, (The Reformed Traveler),  is dealing with Pulmonary Hypertension. She cannot laugh out loud, but she smiles a lot, she cannot sing, but her heart is full of praises to our God. She trusts a Sovereign God, and she says so:

“the road of PH lays in pleasant places…”

May I ask you to pray for her, to bring her before the throne of grace today?

We can certainly not visit her, but we can certainly pray for her.

3 thoughts on “Remember the Sick in Prayer

  1. Becky, Thank you for this beautiful post regarding our friend Jo. It made my cry.
    She is such a shining example to all of us, as is our brother Jon Cardwell.

    I have shared both of their stories with my elderly mother who is in an assisted living home in the hopes that she may learn something of their secrets of rejoicing in her afflictions.

    Beautiful photo again!
    Blessings my precious sister!

    Love you!


  2. Blessings to you, Becky.

    Thank you for posting this reminder for us to pray for our beautiful sister.

    May the Lord touch her today. May He grant her help and relief. May he comfort her and flood her inner man with the knowledge of Your love and goodness.

    I love you, Jo!


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