39 Years… Gratitude Overflows.

t’s late, however, laughs are still filling our home, the sound of many voices are still on the air. I am tired, I am listening from afar, but I do not want to let this day go by without recording my favorite list, a gratitude list.

669. One more year to live in Him.
670. A house full of brothers and sisters in Christ from the Netherlands.
671. Hymns on a Sunday evening, all sung in three different languages.
672. Lots of bread.
673. Counting 58 eggs for breakfast.
674. My sister, having her so close…
675. Saying “yes to the mess…”
676. My friend Ann who taught me how to live 675.
677. Rain on my birthday.
678. Friends caring.
679. My children’s letters.
680. My birthday present.
681. Lots of clean towels.
682. Lots of blankets.
683. Smiles.
684. Muddy faces.
685. Rain boots and a happy girl.
686. Nohemi.
687. People who has worked very hard to complete the translation of the Bible to so many languages.
688. This place.
689. My bed.

Dear friends, I owe you the pictures of this day; right now, I am very tired and ready to jump into my bed!

Have you seen the new page on this blog, Are You On Your Way to Heaven?

Image: Thanks to Karen for allowing the use of her images freely.

5 thoughts on “39 Years… Gratitude Overflows.

  1. Your thankfulness is bubbling, and it is sweet to hear all the wonders of His workings in your life.
    Glad your Birthday was so filled with His Joy, Family, Friends and Laughter.
    58 eggs! -Really?- Wow! IF the table could talk. Wonderful.
    Have a great week.


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