On Prayer and C.H Spurgeon

I have been reading Spurgeon; A New Biography by Arnold Dallimore, as a response to an invitation by Challies.

C.H. Spurgeon, by Robert Bucknell

It has been a great thing to read this book, because even though, I have always read Spurgeon’s sermons, this is the first time I am reading about his life.

If you have been following this blog, you know that we have been studying about prayer in our home during this summer, and reading this book has challenged my prayer life in so many ways.

Spurgeon’s childhood was full of memories of his mom praying for him. He knew his mom was praying for him at all times, and  she was a great influence in his spiritual life; now the question is, do my children know I am fervently praying for them?; am I doing so?

We, moms, need not to forget our duties before the Lord. He listens to our prayers, let’s come before the Throne of Grace and bring our children daily before the only One who can take care of their souls.

As he grew up, his life as a minister was  deeply rooted in a life of prayer. Dallimore says, “In view of the spiritual warfare in which the Christian is placed, he was concerned first of all that his people learn truly to pray”

Let us not forget to teach our children how to pray, praying will be an anchor to their souls when storms come; let us not forget to teach them the riches hidden in the prayer closet. Let us never start our day without a family prayer. We cannot call ourselves Christians if we do not live by prayer.

A minister once said of Spurgeon’s prayer life, “Prayer was the instinct of his soul and the atmosphere of his life. It was his ‘vital breath’ and ‘native air’. He sped on eagle’s wings into the heaven of God”. If we truly are on our way to Heaven, prayer should be our ‘vital breath’; either we live by prayer in communion with God, or we are fooling ourselves and are not on our way to Heaven.

Tomorrow my friend, Lisa, will be my guest blogger. Every time I sit and listen to her, my  heart is filled and she always encourages me to grow in my prayer life. She is a woman of prayer. I have stayed as a guest in her home and in there you can breath the ‘native air’ of the Christian.

4 thoughts on “On Prayer and C.H Spurgeon

  1. Lisa, Diane and Petra,

    This time I am not posting regularly about my “reading assignment” because Summer here is full… however, I will try to write at least two more times about this wonderful biography which I am enjoying a lot!

    Blessings to you!

    Diane and Petra, Lisa is faithfully posting a weekly summary about her “reading assignment” follow her the next Thursdays.


  2. Becky, I look forward to your reviews of Spurgeon’s life. I had intended to follow along this time, but I got sidetracked and forgot.
    Prayer is an amazing thing. So easy to do, yet so easy to be distracted. Spurgeon’s expample will be an inspiration!

    Blessings dear one!


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