Where To Start

We have been unpacking after a month of being away; we unpacked clothes, gifts, books, Belgian chocolates, art reproductions, and memories.

Now we must jump into what is next, books and notebooks, and schedules and routine. I love all these, I love to have them because they frame my life. They help me love the ordinary and know that in those simple days is where I am called to live my Christianity. I love routine and schedules because they help me grow into a disciplined woman, and the Lord has been gracious to me, He has helped me to find His joy in my daily life.

I have been meditating about Proverbs 23: 12 as I have been preparing my heart for a new school year.

“Apply your heart to instruction
and your ear to words of knowledge.”

Apply your heart to instruction…

This is a good place to start, I must apply my heart to instruction.

Homeschooling is not easy, it requires hard work, and applying my heart to instruction must be  part of such work.

Think of ways to apply your heart to instruction:

* Wake up earlier.
* Plan your lessons and review them.
* Read good books.
* Learn along  with your children.
* Spend less time in those things that you know are not worthy of your time.
* Set limits.
* Once you set up your school year do not go pondering over the “newest” curriculum.
* Teach with love.
* Teach with joy.
* Teach with enthusiasm.

And obviously this list is just a starting point; pray and search your heart, ask the Lord and your husband and even to your children how can you improve your teaching ministry at home.

Apply… your ears to words of knowledge…

As calendar squares start to be filled up with activities and due dates, remember to apply your ears to words of knowledge.  The Word of God is the first place we should come to drink and find knowledge and wisdom; then we should come to our husband, and then we may find a friend, a godly friend. But beware of friends who complain at all times and are always tired and never happy. Those friends that quench your spirit. Find friends that speak words of knowledge, and once you find them listen to them (and don’t let them the go!). Be encouraged by them. Let them water your soul when you feel tired and overwhelmed.

His grace is sufficient.

Grace for Today... a beautiful reminder at Theology for Girls.

6 thoughts on “Where To Start

  1. How I’ve missed your encouraging words and breathtaking photos! The last paragraph of this post is so full of wisdom! I thank God that He has blessed you with travel fun and that He has safely brought you back!!


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