Offering up Thanksgivings

Today, a day in which I love to write my favorite list, a list of thanksgivings,  I am writing a different kind of post.

As my farmer friends have taught me, I am gleaning, gleaning questions and then I am bringing them to my quiet time to answer. Paper and pen are my instruments and to my Lord are my words directed.He knows my heart. He knows I am still learning contentment, (because gratitude is that, it is all about contentment, right?) and sometimes I need questions that will help me see clearly where my heart is on this matter.

These questions are not my idea, these I gleaned while reading Matthew Henry’s book, some are textual and some I wrote inspired on his. I invite you to read and re-read them and meditate and then, would you join me in offering up thanksgivings for all God’s goodness and the many blessings we have received from Him?

1. Has not God made a hedge of protection about you and your house, and all that you have?

2. Have you not health in your family, sickness kept or taken from the midst of you?

3. Does not God bring plentifully into your hands, and increase your substance?

4. Have you not your table spread, and your cup running over, and manna rained about your tents?

5. Is the vine by the house-side fruitful and flourishing, and the olive plants round the table green and growing?

6. Are the family relations comfortable and agreeable, not broken nor embittered, and shall not that God be acknowledged herein who makes every creature to be that to us that it is?

7. Shall not the God of your mercies, your family mercies, be the God of your praises, your family praises, and that daily?

8. Have you not a name better than any other name, “Child of God”?

9. Have you not joy and peace that the world cannot quench?

10. Have you not the Gospel?

11. Have you not within your home not only one, but many Bibles to read and study?

12. Have you not time given to you to do what God asks you to do?

13. And if you are going walking through the Valley of Death, have you not precious promises given by your Heavenly Father who never fails?

14. Did not God opened a way for us to His presence through His Son?

15. Shall not the God and Savior be praised and thanked every day?

16. Have you not seen His eyes watching over you?

“Whatever is a matter of our care, let it be the matter of our prayer; and let us allow no care which we cannot in faith spread before God. And whatever is the matter of our rejoicing, let it be a matter of our thanksgiving; and let us withhold our hearts from all those joys which do not dispose us for the duty of praise”    Matthew Henry

May we learn contentment while offering up thanksgivings to our God today.

Under His sun and by His grace,

5 thoughts on “Offering up Thanksgivings

  1. The Lord has blessed us with so many good things here on earth- even when trials come and dark clouds are overhead, we can still be thankful for so many things.

    The best is yet to come when we shall see Him face to face in our perfect home that awaits us in Heaven.

    Blessings sister Becky!


  2. Dear Petra,

    Yes, I agree, there, in the valley, where things seem so dark that we cannot even seem to find our voice, we should raise our voice in thanksgiving more than ever.


    I am so happy that you came, thanks for leaving a note; but mostly, I am glad you found words to glean here.



  3. I love your thanksgiving quotes! But, you know, as I was reading your list I began to thank God for all the things that are not right or in order, because I love Him for all that He has already done and will yet do, and I trust that He knows best what is best for us!



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