In Love for 63 Years

Joy is the word my friends over at three from here and there chose for the photography prompt this time. When you get an invitation like this one, the hardest thing is to choose which photography deserves to play along.

After so many thoughts I found this one

Joy is holding hands with the one your soul has loved for 63 years.

It is joy to hold wrinkled hands with more passion and sweetness than the first time they did .

It is joy to be able to walk through the Valley of Death where shadows of sickness and pain, and weariness follow you all day, but your beloved keeps holding your hand tight.

It is real life.

It is joy.

Love that knows how to hold hands like this helps you live joyfully.

My grandfather turned 91 years old, and has been married to my grandmother for 63 years. (This is  7 months ago, the first time I wrote about their love story)

They are the most beautiful couple, in love, always holding hands, always talking about their memories and present love. Always laughing and looking for opportunities to kiss and hug.

They live their moment with passion and joy. They laugh of the future, they hold hands in such a way that it seems that they don’t want to be apart, not even for a moment.

They do not want to let go.

They cling to each other’s love.

Their hands, their lives have mengled into one.

Joy is fighting to find its way through the heaviness and pain.

Joy, love, one hand over the other.

Always holding hands.

Their story of love is not a fairy tale, is a love story that has happened in real life.

They came into this marriage knowing, believing that it was a covenant forever.  They have walked through valleys and mountains, but haven’t given up on their love.

They have been always holding hands.

Costly pearls have fade away through the years, but not their love.

This is an example of grace that we behold, and want to follow.

This is the way my children long to live their marriage.

We have seen it, we are witness to this, holding the hand of the lover of your soul is joy indeed.

Forever in love.

This is real, this can happen.

Marriage is a Covenant for life.

Love and kisses and holding hands are part of being in that covenant.

It is not a fairy tale.

It is joy indeed.

Note: All the pictures of my grandparents holding hands, I took, and they did not notice! They were engaged in a good conversation with my children at the family table. It was not easy, but I am so glad I did.

Please keep them in your prayers…my grandma is struggling with health issues, and my grandpa is still finding strength to hold her hand.

8 thoughts on “In Love for 63 Years

  1. Becky,
    How beautiful committed love is! Your grandparents are the example of how beautiful love can be. It takes work, the Lord, and the willingness to walk through the bad as well as the good.
    Thank you for sharing these joyful photos and your grandparents’ precious love.


  2. What joy to read about holding hands and such a lasting love! The fact that they were not aware of you taking these photos brings a much greater meaning to all the words that accompany those pictures! Thank you for sharing this beauty!


  3. Diane and Amy,

    Yes, my grandparents are a gift to us. They have been a beautiful example for us. I love them so much!

    It is my joy and privilege to have your daughter as my student. May God give me grace to be a great teacher for her!

    Nice to “meet you”, too!



  4. Ms. Becky…I wandered over here as a “little bird” named Maddie (who happens to be one of your students at VPSA ;)) hinted that you blogged…What a blessing greeted me. What a beautiful testimony to marriage your grandparents are…inspiring.
    I’m so incredibly blessed that such a woman of faith is teaching my baby! It’s so nice to “meet you!” 🙂
    Lori Macmath


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