Counting Blessings

I keep up counting the impossible, the blessings from God; I still try to give them numbers and I always come short.

His goodness, His faithfulness, His eternal decrees, His hand over my head, His love, His Grace, His mercy, and I just find myself trying to count, to keep on counting, because I want my children and grandchildren to read, and join me in offering up thanksgivings to our God and Maker; because I know this is the only safe way to look back.

763. Angiosperms and Gymnosperms and a fun light hut project.

764. Life hidden in a seed. The works of His hand.

765. Clay pots.

766. A visit to the flower market.

767. My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

768. Beautiful cursive copy books.

769. Long embraces in the quiet.

This beautiful picture was taken by my precious daughter!

770. I am grateful, Lord, for all your plans for our family.

771. I thank you, because you know my prayers even before I open my mouth.

772. Lord, thank you, because you did not only open a way for me to come to you, but you have given me the faith to believe in you, and believe that you reward those who seek you. This is amazing! (Hebrews 11:6)

773. Thank you for watering my soul.

774. My husband’s diligence.

775. The reading of your Word at our family table every day.

776. Our oldest son playing hymns over and over on the piano.

777. A son willing to create the most amazing “roller coaster” for his 6 yo sister with a big empty cardboard box.

778. Great weather to sit outside in the evenings.

779. Our dreams in your hands.

780. My friend Fa, who taught me that hospitality means opening the door not only to friends, but to the wounded.

781. A newborn baby in a family who fears the Lord.

782. A new pair of glasses.

783. Candles.

784. The fellowship with the saints at Church.

785. Lord, I am also thankful, for the things that this week did not turn as we wished, thank you because you are building our lives.

786. Thank you because our lives are hidden in Christ.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” Col. 4:2 ESV

What are you grateful for today, my dear friend?

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