More Than Copy Work

She is almost seven, and she is learning how to trace cursive letters. Sometimes, she has to go back and trace few more that were not as beautiful as the model, but she compares her last trace with the one she did before.

It is then when I insist, “Look at the model, do not look at the last letter you have traced. Keep looking at the model”

And as I hear my words, I find a gem, an opprtunity to teach an eternal lesson hidden in them, and I keep up saying,

“It is just like our lives, we should always follow the God given model for our lives, the Bible. We should always compare what are we doing, how are we doing things, and why are we doing things (or not doing things) with the Word of God.”

Lord, help me always compare myself against your Word. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you, and on the perfect model you have given me, Jesus.

Happy copy work!

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