>November, Living with a Gratitude Attitude


Lord, give me a grateful heart in the season of joy, and in the season of tears.
When all is bright and when darkness comes.
When I want to raise my voice and when I don’t feel like giving thanks.

Help me, O Heavenly Father, to live in gratitude,
Help me to long only for you and nothing else.
Your gifts bring joy while I journey under your sun,
But they cannot be compared to the  One gift you have given,
Salvation by grace, forgiveness and hope,
To be with you, to abide in you, to embrace your Word.

O Lord, help me, help me,
I don’t want to set my eyes on the things that perish,
However, I am prone to be deceived by this world,
and the temporal delights it offers.

Help me, O Lord, to set my eyes on Jesus,
The Giver of every perfect gift.
The Author of my salvation.
My Lord and Saviour,
My King.

Today I am grateful for your many blessings. I thank you, O Lord, because it has pleased You to give us more than we deserve.

854. My parents’ health.

855. My Beloved’s diligence.

856. Friends on- line

857. My friend Fa who teaches me contentment.

858. My friend Amy’s prayers being answered. (Her husband is back at home after being deployed)

859. My Spanish students.

860.  My country.

861. Martin Luther and all the Reformers.

862. My eyes being opened to the understanding of the Doctrines of Grace.

863. My children’s love for each other.

864. A house to live in peace.

865. A table to share the bread and wine.

866. My daughter’s birthday party.

867. Our sons willing to dress up as soldiers for her little sister.

868. Strong arms to hold a piñata filled with candies.

869. The best sisters ever.

870.  An invitation to celebrate the whole month with a grateful heart.

Raise your voice with me today and let us give thanks to God from whom all blessings flow!

What are you grateful for today?

Consider joining a Celebration of Gratitude this November, read more about it here.

7 thoughts on “>November, Living with a Gratitude Attitude

  1. >Here from Rebecca Writes: How lovely is your list of things to be thankful for this day. I still gasp when I consider the doctrines of grace and the fullness of their impact upon my life. How much sweeter to share gratitude with others on such as well.


  2. >Feliz cumpleanos Isabel! Becky, I love these pictures and I love that Isabel and I share the same birthday! I never had a pinata though! ;(And as always, I am humbled by your expressions of thanksgiving. Lord bless you my beautiful sister…today and always!


  3. >Becky,I love the picture of you! How lovely you are on the outside, too. :)The birthday celebration looks so grand. What memories you made.Thankful with you for the peace God gives to our families.Look how close you are to 1000. :)Have a wonderful day!


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