>Hello, Saturday

>Good morning, Saturday!

It is very cold this morning; I am still on my pj’s and coffee is almost ready; I am ready to bake some orange scones for my family, I am sure they would love to wake up and find some warm treats… I will be back in  a minute.


Here I am ready to enjoy the day; the scones turned out great! You should give them a try! (Petra, if you are reading this…I thought about you while baking them, hope one day we could have a real “tea- party” with our friends!)

Today I want to share with you my grateful note….

I am grateful for my dear friend Eileen, for all the effort she has been putting into writing our Philippians study. She has done an incredible job, and has put a lot of effort into it. This is the first time I have studied a book like this, and I have learned a lot. It has been a joy to dig into the Scriptures and treasure these words in my heart.

If you have not followed the study I encourage you to start it today. It is here for you, take advantage of it; I am sure you will be blessed and you will also exercise some discipline into the constant study of the Word of God (there is homework for 5 days of the week). You can start on the introduction, or directly into week one.

I wrote this prayer after one of the studies (based on Philippians 1)

Thank you, Lord, for remembering me and my children; 
I glorify you, O God, from whom all grace and peace flow.
Thank you, Lord, because you have called me to be part of your family, 
to have partnership in the gospel with the saints around the world.
Thank you, because whenever I see my sin, 
whenever I struggle to mortify my flesh, 
your Spirit remind me that it is You who began the good work in me, 
it is by grace that you have called me and by grace that I will finish the race; 
it is You who will complete the good work in me. 
It is not because of me, but because of you, and on this promise I rest assured.
Lord, help me not to forget in my prayers those who are suffering persecution for the gospel’s sake, 
and help me to be ready, if the day comes, 
to stand firm as the saints who have been willing to die joyfully while defending and confirming the 
Father in Heaven, help me to abound in your love, in your Word, 
that I might be ready to discern and approve what is excellent in your sight, 
and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ;
let my life be fruitful at all times, 
in every season, 
let me bear the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ,
to the glory and praise of God.
In Jesus’ name which is above all names.

Have a wonderful Saturday, dear friends.

Around the corner. 

I have been reading this series by Sharon entitled Parenting with Humility from A to Z, maybe, if you have time, you would like to read it:

Parenting with Humility from A to Z – part one-
Parenting with Humility from A to Z – part two
Parenting with Humility from A to Z – part three-
Parenting with Humility from A to Z – part four-

And Trisha has posted today a very insightful post  about parenting, No Cookie Cutter Children. You don’t want to miss it!


6 thoughts on “>Hello, Saturday

  1. >Thank you, Becky, for your thoughts and your thankfulness. When, by God's grace, He lets us peer into His indescribable perfections, we sense just a crumb of the joy we will one day have in His presence. I yearn for the day when there will be no more hindrances – my own sinfulness – in worshiping Him. Also, I wanted to say "thank you" for visiting my blog, your kind comments and for linking to the parenting posts on my blog. I pray that God can use them for His glory.All for Him,Sharon


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