>Saturday, We Have a Winner!

>Welcome, to a wonderful Saturday!

This morning I have some delicious cranberry-apple muffins in the oven and coffee ready (Starbucks Christmas Blend is here!). Yummy!

I want to announce our winner for  this week‘s giveaway:

How did I do this? Following the old-time way of doing fun things. I wrote down numbers 1-10 on 10 little pieces of paper, then I  put them in one of my bowls and picked one: Comment number nine!

Congratulations, Emily! Please drop me an email or a message on fb with your mail address, so I can send you your gift.

Now, talking again about the muffins in the oven…

Don’t think that I have always done this, waking up early on Saturday mornings to bake for my family. It has been something I have learned to do this past year. I always wanted to be “that kind of mom” but I always wished for that to happen, until one day, in prayer, I asked the Lord to help me serve my family in better and practical ways.

The next thing: I woke up earlier and started doing it!

Today I am grateful that I can serve my family in simple ways such as baking for them.

P.S I am enjoying our Philippians Study a lot! (We are already on week six, what a joy it has been!)

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