>Sunday’s Prayer


Picture taken by my daughter,@Pixels and Stories
Glorious God,
It is the flame of my life to worship Thee,
the crown and glory of my soul to adore Thee,
Heavenly pleasure to approach Thee.
Give me power by Thy Spirit to help me worship now,
that I may forget the world,
be brought into fullness of life,
be refresged, comforted and blessed.
Give me knowledge of thy goodness
that I might not be over-awaed by thy greatness;
Give me Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God,
that I might not be terrified,
but be drawn near with filial love,
with holy boldness;
He is my mediator, brother interpreter,
branch, daysman, Lamb;
him I glorify,
in Him I am set o high.
Crowns to give I have none,
but what thou hast given I return,
content to feel that everything is mine when it is thine,
and the more fully mine when I have yielded it to Thee.
Let me live wholly to my Savior,
free from distractions,
from carrking care,
from hindrances to the pursuit of the narrow way.
I am pardoned through the blood of Jesus-
give me a new sense of it,
continue to pardon me by it,
may I come every day to the fountain,
and every day be washed anew,
that I may worship thee always in spirit and truth.
The Valley of Vision

Today, my friends, I invite you to join me in praise! 
I am thankful to my Lord, for the flame He ignited in my soul,
for the heavenly pleasure I find when I come before Him;
I am thankful for the Holy Spirit, my helper and my strength;
I am grateful, forever grateful,  for Jesus, 
my God and Saviour,
The Perfect Lamb of God who took away my sins!
O, How much I love my Lord!
I am thankful because I know He is interceding, even right now, for me,
I am thankful for the Way to the Father He opened for us, His saints.
I am grateful that all belongs to Him,
that all the good in me, if any, is because of Him,
that I am undone before Him, to gain the pleasure of  being at His feet.
O, How much I love my Lord!
He has pardoned me through His blood!
I am forever thankful!
He sanctifies me 
as I journey under the sun and by His grace,
day by day,
on my way to Heaven….

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5 thoughts on “>Sunday’s Prayer

  1. >Oh, Becky, I hear your joy as I read this post! Thanks be to God. I'm thankful, too, for all of these wonderful gifts from the Lord. Your delight is infectious!Tell your daughter her picture is so lovely. 🙂


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