>Getting Ready for Christmas

>What is in the oven today? These muffins, they look so good, are easy to make and my kitchen already smells delicious!

Today I am thankful for two specific things:

1. My name coming out of a hat! 

Yes, I am the happy winner of the book that my dear friend Diane @ Theology for Girls, gave away this week:

Commentary on Matthew
“The Gospel of the Kingdom”
C.H. Spurgeon

You need to know that the beautiful picture of Matthew Henry on the cover was painted by Diane’s husband, Robert Bucknell a great artist indeed! (visit his website here)

Thank you, Diane!

2. I am also thankful for all the resources available to study and get ready for Christmas.

Sometimes we spend lots of time thinking about the decorations for our home during the Holidays that we may forget that this is a great time to study some doctrines that are essential for us to know. If we study the sound doctrine, and grasp what it really means Emmanuel, God with us, the Incarnation, God breaking into time becoming man, we will be able to celebrate fully and joyfully this Christmas season.

You don’t have to spend money to buy books if you don’t have it, there are plenty resources available online for you to start studying today!

Monergism offers a large list of resources here.

Grace and Gems has a wide list of resources too. Find them here.

Go to Ligonier  to listen a teaching series entitled Christmas Messages.

Desiring God also offers several options for you to study, check them out.

Well, my friends, my little one is awake and Saturday muffins are ready…

Have a joyous weekend!

6 thoughts on “>Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. >Kay… that is so funny! I don't know how it happened; really! some little things just happen to work differently here, I guess it is because of the dark background, so maybe the number of followers "is there" but we just can't see it! (That is neat, right?)


  2. >Ok, Becky, I'm working hard to not covet! Oh, how blessed you are, sweet sister! Enjoy that wonderful book.And, thank you for the links to the many resources.May you have a joy-filled weekend savoring God's goodness in all things.


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