>The Family of God

>T oday, I am thankful for the family of God. I am thankful for YOU, no matter where you are worshiping our Father today, we are one in Him, and this is too wonderful for me to comprehend.

J.C Ryle says in his book Practical Religion, about the family of God:

“Let us strive to live worthy of the family to which we belong. Let us labour to do nothing that may cause our Father’s house to be spoken against. Let us endeavour  to make our Master’s name beautiful by our temper, conduct and conversations. Let us love as brethren, and abhor all quarrels. Let us behave as if the honour of “the family” depended on our behaviour.
So living, by the grace of God, we shall make our calling and election sure, both to ourselves and others. So living, we may hope to have an abundant entrance, and to enter harbour in full sail, whenever we change earth for heaven. (2 Peter 1:2) So living, we shall recommend our Father’s family to others, and perhaps by God’s blessing incline them to say, ‘We shall go with you'”

May you enjoy this Lord’s day with the family of God!

Please, if you have few minutes, I really recommend you to read Persis blog entry today… what she says is VERY important!

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