>A Manger and a Cross


You laid aside your crown, and your royalty, O King, O Jesus.
You came to save. You did not have to come, yet you came.
The manger, and the nativity set; 
the Advent and the carols; 
the gifts and lights and Christmas trees and Posadas are without meaning if we do not raise our eyes.
You came as a baby but you came to grow and obey; heal and love; restore and touch; serve and die.
You came to die, to pay a price, to fulfill an eternal purpose, to redeem your own people.
You came to die a painful death. You came and my sins you bore on that cross.
You died and rose again victoriously.
A baby in a manger is the beginning of a love story. 
It doesn’t end there. 
Let us raise our eyes and see the cross and an empty tomb.

“And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.”
I Corinthians 15: 14

We now decorate a tree to remember that you came as a baby, 
help me now see beyond the beautiful lights…
You were nailed to a wooden cross, a raw tree. 
A tree that you, the Word, created. 
A death tree which held your broken body.
Lord, help me learn that you have called me to die. 
Die to myself, die to the sins that still want to rule over me. 
Die in order to live. 
Help me walk beyond the manger to the cross and then see You sitted at the right hand of God.
I long for that day. 
Face to face.
Show me how to live dying. How to serve and serve and serve.
Let this Christmas be a time of change.
 Let the change start within me.

Image found @ My Daily Journey -through my lens.

6 thoughts on “>A Manger and a Cross

  1. >Wow Becky – This was so beautiful!"You were nailed to a wooden cross, a raw tree. A tree that you, the Word, created. A death tree which held your broken body."Oh, how we need grace to die to self.Blessings dear sister!


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