>Joseph and Mary an Advent Scene -and my gift to you-

>Isn’t is wonderful? Just look at them! I wonder; how was that journey like? One full of expectation, full of joy, full of weariness and I am sure one full of uncertainty too; after all, Joseph and Mary were humans, bound to their flesh, just like you and I.

May our journey to the manger be full of expectation!

The Baby Jesus was being formed in Mary’s womb; nine months of waiting…  I think of my own life. I pray that daily, on my way to heaven, Jesus may be formed in me too.

The journey is the same, full of joy, expectation, promises,  and weariness too.

But He is in me. I shall not fear.

I am reading this book, Songs of the Nativity; Selected Sermons on Luke 1 and 2 by John Calvin, and I would like to share with you few quotes from the first sermon:

“Our happiness is bound up with faith and faith itself is full acceptance of the promises of salvation contained in the gospel. On what, precisely, do these promises depend? On the fact that God forgives our trespasses and recognizes us as righteous, miserable sinners though we are”

“how is it possible for us to rejoice in God? The Virgin Mary supplies us with the answer when she says ‘in God my Saviour’. That is where our joy begins -with the assurance that God is for us a Saviour. The word “Saviour” does not mean that he comes to our aid once and once only, but that He will always take care of us and of our salvation until He has brought it to fulfillment. We may, indeed, be replete with all kinds of goods, and yet be powerless to rejoice in God. Just to feel joy is simplicity itself. That is what the children of this world do all the time. But to rejoice in God is impossible until we experience the love He has for us, and until we know that He will not desert us but will lead us on to the end… So however many troubles and trials may beset us, whatever sorrows and vexations we may feel. God’s peace is bound to prevail. Nothing should stop us; rejoicing in Him”

Dear friends, thank you for sojourning with me! I love each one of you and I am grateful for you!

Thank you for coming, for reading my words, thank you for your comments, and most of all,; thank you for your friendship.

My little Christmas gift for you, dear readers, is this; I took a series of beautiful pictures of Mary and Joseph on their frail journey to Bethlehem; and, well, you can download them and use them as you wish! You can print any of them, or use them on your blog entries, or as desktops, etc… You can find the whole series at my photography blog, My Daily Journey-through my lens

May His grace abound as we journey daily on our way to Heaven!

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