>Carnal Christians?

>Today is Thursday, the day I like to share words I have read through the week.

These are borrowed words from R.C Sproul, on his book Romans; in which he talks about the doctrine of the “carnal Christan” which has spread so widely among Evangelicals.

We cannot receive Christ as Savior without at the same time bending our knees to his lordship. This does not mean we believe we are perfect, but it does mean that at the moment we believe, we are changed. Our lives are turned around, and the beginning of the process of sanctification has taken place. Justification does not produce the fullness of sanctification, but it initiates it immediately. If we have made a profession of faith but there is absolutely no evidence of change in our hearts and lives, then we need to ask whether that profession of faith was genuine. True faith always and immediately produces change.

Yes, indeed, the battle with sin goes on for our whole lifetime. We do not believe in instantaneous sanctification. Justification is instantaneous. The second we believe, we are fully justified. We will never be any more justified than we are at the moment we believe, but sanctification is a process that begins at our justification and is completed in our glorification in heaven. If we are believers, we are in that process of sanctification.”


I remember I grew under this kind of teaching; the only fruit that I saw, even in my own life, was that of living a double life. We all “understood”; we never expected holiness in the church because “being a carnal Christian” was a doctrine we all believed.

Sproul also says,

“We all sin, but if we have been born of the Spirit, we are no longer slaves to that sin. We can no longer say to God, “I cannot help it. I am dominated by the power of sin.” If we are still in a condition of slavery to sin, then we are not regenerated”

I encourage you not only to read the Scriptures as you would read any other book, instead, study them meditate, on them, memorize them; let them change you today!

Under His sun and by His grace,

8 thoughts on “>Carnal Christians?

  1. >This is something my Mom talked about often. I remember trying excuse someone I knew at school who said she was a Christian even though she didn't think Christianity applied to all areas of life, Mom got so mad! :o) Hooray for Moms who stick to their guns! More often in homeschooling I seem to come across a different kind of "carnal Christian"–those who think asceticism is godliness. Since Romans addresses this, I would love to know how Sproul handles that topic!


  2. >Amen sister! The idea that there could be such a thing as a "Carnal Christian" was a false teaching propagated in Evangelicalism. When Robert preached recently on Avoiding Spiritual Catastrophe he said:There is no such thing as a "carnal" Christian! Romans 8:5-8 says "to be carnally minded is death" and "the carnal mind is enmity against God" and "those who are in the flesh cannot please God""Thank you so much for posting this and telling us about RC Sprouls commentary!Blessings!


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