>Friday – Having Friends Over-

>Today some friends of ours with their children will be coming for lunch, we are very excited about that! It is a great thing to do before mid-term exams start on Monday, don’t you think?

I will make something simple, but very yummy. It is something like a pizza with goat cheese, mozzarella, pretty slices of tomato, olive oil and rosemary.

Do you get the idea? I use puffed pastry for the base, very simple but we all love it!

To be true, I wish you could come too!

Now, I also found this these pretty nice project projects to do this weekend, hope you like it them, and find it them fun to do.

A pretty fabric origami box …

How About Orange

A fun calendar (a free download) to keep record of ALL the books we will read this year, right?

For my friends living where white snow is everywhere, I read these ideas on how to “Beat the January Doldrums” (Read the comments, too!), maybe you will find some inspiration there!

I would love also to share with you how my P2R project is coming along, but… I am running late, so if I have time later today, I will be back to share with you about that. (We are already on week 2!)

Thank you for visiting,  
for your kind comments this week, 
for sharing my journey!

Under His sun and by His grace,

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