>Eucharisteo -P2R Week 2-


We are just finishing week two of the Partnering To Remember Memory Project; and it is my joy to tell you that I have been able to keep up with it. (I was two verses behind… but yesterday, God helped me memorize them!)


I walk into the kitchen, get the eggs and ham, count eight measures of coffee in the coffee maker, and pour the water… I mutter the verses; I stop, I pray. I look at the verses on the fridge; the smallest words are important, I can’t skip any of them. Prepositions are full of meaning; I don’t want to get them wrong.  My son comes in; he smiles at me, hugs me. I am so happy that he will grow remembering  his mom muttering the Word, chewing it, bite after bite; tasting it slowly.

Few of my reflections are here:

v. 1 Paul and Timothy servants of Christ Jesus.… O that I may introduce myself like this; not as “Daughter of the King”, but as a servant of Christ Jesus.

v. 2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ… The only way for us to have grace and peace is through God, we cannot find them anywhere else.  For us to have these two things, grace and peace, Jesus had to go the cross. We cannot say we have grace and peace without looking at the cross; it is there where we find them.

v. 3.- 4 Eucharisteoto give thanks– Thanks for all my remembrance of the saints; always in every prayer with joy…

Joy in my prayers
Joy in giving thanks.
Joy in the intercession.

v. 5 How do I partnership in the gospel with those who Servants of Christ who are in need? The Philippians gave money and supported  Paul in a real way. What about me?

v. 6 Joy again. He who began a good work in me, in my husband, in my children will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ! Grace called me and through Grace I will walk in my sanctification daily… until the day of Christ Jesus.

v. 7 I can not repeat this verse without praying for the saints who are today being persecuted. It is my desire to be partakers with them, so I think one tangible way of  becoming partaker with them is through this organization.

v. 8 God is my witness of all my longings, my yearnings, my heart’s desires, my emotions. He is witnessing every single thought that lies deep within my heart.

v. 9- 11 This has been my prayer these  two weeks… Lord, that I may abound in love with knowledge and all discernment; I repeat the Word, each Word… I pray. I mediate.
What for? 
Why would I want to abound in love?
That I may approve what is excellent.
Why do I want to approve what is excellent? 
So that I may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,
filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ.

Yes! To give glory and praise to God is the chief end of man. I smile, I thank God, and keep on preparing our morning breakfast.


Leslie Wiggins also shares her reflections on P2R week 2, here.
Aaron Armstrong is one week ahead and he shares his reflections here
My friend Anne in Europe is in this too, read her thoughts here. 

A suggestion:
I bought John MacArthur’s Commentary on Philippians and I am reading his commentaries on the verses of the week. It has proved to be an amazing blessing.

Maybe you are in this project too or are memorizing other parts of the Scripture, would you mind sharing your thoughts with us today?

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