>Heaven and Hell by Isaac Watts

>My daughter and I just finished memorizing one of the poems from the book “Divine and Moral Songs for Children” by Isaac Watts (Praise for Creation and Providence), and we are now ready to start memorizing a new one. This time she was free to choose one; and this is the one she picked:

Heaven and Hell
Song X
There is beyond the sky
A heaven full of joy and love;
And holy children, when they die,
Go to that world above.
There is a dreadful hell,
And everlasting pains;
Where sinners must with devils dwell,
In darkness, fire, and chains.
Can such a wretch as I
Escape this curse end?
And may I hope, whene’er I die,
I shall to heaven ascend?
Then I for grace will pray,
While I have life and breath;
Lest I should be cut off to-day,
And sent to eternal death.

Very different than the “Veggie Tales”, right?

May God help us preach the true gospel to our children and to nourish their souls with the Truth, with the Scriptures that can make them wise unto salvation.

Under His sun and by His grace,

7 thoughts on “>Heaven and Hell by Isaac Watts

  1. >Ok – never mind. I saw a few other books on the G&T site that I have not been able to find up here, so I just put the order in with them! I am excited about this book Becky – thank you.


  2. >Is the spiral bound one the one you have? I would love to support grace and truth, but their shipping costs to Canada are too much. I can't find that publisher on the sites I am searching. They are all plain paper back – the spiral bound looks great.


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