>I Am Grateful for All These…


“As ingratitude is one of the basest vices, embracing almost all others, so gratitude is one of the noblest virtues, and is never found but with many others in its train. The judgment of mankind fully sustains this view. A celebrated writer says, “He that calls a man ungrateful, sums up all the evil that a man can be guilty of… A deaf mute is said to have defined it to be “the memory of the heart.
There is, on earth, no love to God without warm and lively gratitude. The unconverted rejoice in the gifts of God, and often pervert them to their carnal gratifications. Such have no genuine holy gratitude. They even despise his chief gifts, his unspeakable gift, his Son,and his precious gift of the Spirit. Holy gratitude would never leave men to such daring wickedness. It would mightily draw them to God.” William S. Plumer (1)

“Where is our family gratitude journal?” I ask.

Some times it is in my children’s room, sometimes it is sitting on the coffee table, some other times it is on my husband’s nightstand. Sometimes it is open every day, new gifts are jotted down; but there are days (few of them) that it remains closed. Today I am grateful that one day (September 21st 2009), we started this journal and we keep filling pages with moments that we don’t want to miss and make us whisper “Thank you, Lord”.

Today we are at #1946… and for this I am grateful!

1085. A whole day in the Children’s Museum.

1086. A nice lunch with my husband and girls.

1087. A Beautiful home.

1088. Morning light.

1089. Dolls and joys.

1090. My online  friends, so real. I Love you!

1091. Towels hanging from a clothesline.

1092. Tea for my young lady.

1093. Books and books all over the house.

1094. Watercolors,  pencils and  drawing pads ready to be used.

1095. Looking forward to a new week.

1096. Big boys and bikes and laughs.

1097. Homemade chocolate- chip cookies.

1098. A sunny Sunday.

1099. A blessed and quiet Lord’s day.

What are you grateful for today, my dear friend?

Sweet Shot Day

5 thoughts on “>I Am Grateful for All These…

  1. >I too am thankful for all of our online friends.(I got sidetracked on the link to Diana's blog 🙂 Yes, we are all very much "real" people out here in cyberland, and perhaps we do only see mostly our best side. But think of it this way…. THAT'S ALL WE'LL SEE WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN ANYWAY, ONLY MUCH, MUCH BETTER! Hooray!Becky, you sure do some magic with that camera of yours girl!Love you!


  2. >Becky,I love your Monday lists. I would have forgotten to put out our journal today – it will be filled this week, my twin is visiting, and we have had days full of fun and laughter, furthermore, we are headed to all the touristy stuff in town – I have never done=o] Also, today we finish 19 years of marriage. I am thankful for your reminders to remember God's goodness's to us.Have a lovely day,Jo


  3. >Becky, I love your thankfulness, your heart of gratitude. I am grateful for you, that you share your heart with us each morning of your times with our Lord. Reading what you share never fails to point me to Him. Yes, you are an online friend, but you are becoming a "real" friend too 🙂 When are we all going to meet up around that table for that chat…??


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