>Praying What Jesus Asked Us to Pray


Lord, I have neglected praying this prayer;
please remind me, 
through your Holy Spirit to ask you, 
Lord of the Harvest, to send laborers into your harvest.
And I pray  today  for all the laborers
that are already in the fields,
weary and tired,
that you may look at them,
and bless them, 
and renew their strength and joy;
remind them that they have been put there to the defense of the gospel.
Lord, I ask you that just as you caused the Philippians,
to grow more confident in you through
the trials and example of Paul,
I ask you, that you will make me
more bold to speak the word without fear, 
like Paul and all of those saints that today are
being persecuted  and rejoice, no matter what,
because the gospel is advancing.
This I pray  in the name
of my Saviour and King,
Jesus Christ.

If you would like to use this image as your wallpaper on your screen, please do so! Just leave  a comment so that I may know you did.

Another Scripture & Snapshot is at my photography blog, Psalm 118: 21 (You can also use that image as a wallpaper, just be sure to leave a comment telling me you did so. Thanks)


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