>Psalm 5:3


O Lord, let this be my manner of life, waking up in You, to You, seeking your face. Let your name be the first thing my mouth speaks every day.

What can I say as soon as I wake up, as soon as my eyes are granted to be opened to a new day, and I found breath in me? What else can I say, but, thank you, thank you, O LORD, for sustaining my life through the night. Even though life is so fragile, you upheld me through the night; even though I sin day after day, I find mercy in you morning after morning.

Lord, may I live this day in You, for You; not for myself. Help me today to walk in your Word, meditating in Your commandments and loving your statutes more that anything on this world. Help me today to live loving my husband, my children, my neighbor from the rising of the sun to the going down of it.

Lord, let the mediations of my heart from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I close them at night be pleasing unto you.

In Jesus’ name, in whom I am reconciled with you.


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