>Heaven, My Awaited Hope

>This month I am sharing borrowed words, quotes that nourish, about Heaven. May our heart be stirred to meditate upon Heaven.

If you want to know what heaven is,
you can spell it in five letters, and when
you put the five letters together they look
like this:

“J E S U S.”

That is heaven. It is all the heaven
the angels round the throne desire to
know. They want nothing better than
this- to see his face, to behold his glory,
and to dwell in it world without end.
(from Spurgeon’s sermon, “Christ the
Glory of His People” #826. Luke 2:32.)

When we get to heaven, 
what joy will it be torehearse the events of the journey, 
and to see how the path was strewn all along with mercies.
How blessed will be . . .
rest after toil,
safety after peril,
victory after conflict.
Jesus will still lead us into fresh pastures,
to higher and yet higher regions of . . .
purity, and
No carnal desires will drag us down. 
No sinful habits will cling to and entangle us. 
The flesh will no longer lust against the spirit. 
No enemies will beset the road, to allure
us from it, or check our advance. 
We shall forever follow Jesus . . . 
“forever beholding fresh beauties in His countenance,
forever discovering new glories in His character,
forever experiencing fresh raptures in His love! 

May we long for Heaven and nothing less.

1 thought on “>Heaven, My Awaited Hope

  1. >Becky,Thank you for the quotes,Spurgeon is one of my favorites and now I have new rabbit trail to follow as I am unaquainted with Newmall Hall – although "forever experiencing fresh raptures in His love!" screams efficatious love which is always not only a blessing to me but a bit mind twisting.Have a wonderful day!


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