>"God Let Me Know My Child is in Heaven"

>“God let me know my child is in heaven” is the phrase that someone goggled and arrived here. (Shown in my blogger stats) Sadly I don’t know who this person is. But as soon as I read those words I grieved… and I am still praying for this person; and in case she comes back again, I would like  her to read this letter.

Dear Friend,

I don’t know what happened to your child, nor the age, nor the circumstances. I don’t know if your child was 21, 15 or 3 years old when she died or was still in your womb and never saw the light. I wasn’t there, but there is a Sovereign God who was there.

I wish I’d had an answer to your question, but I don’t. However, I have something to say to you. When we face the death of the one our soul loves and we start asking these questions it is because God has put eternity in our hearts. We know that once we breath our last breath there is more… Meditate on this, my dear friend, meditate on the state of your soul, because you will sure breath a last breath one day.  Many times the sorrows that come to our lives, and the tears we shed are like the rain that waters a seed in our soul. Search your heart, weep now for your own sins; don’t waste your sadness, let it bring in your life the fruit of repentance. Your son is not here in the land of the living, but you are, you are still breathing and moving, you still have time to repent from your sinful ways and turn to God who is the Comforter of all His children.

O my friend, don’t be drowned in the flood of sorrow and pain, repent of your sinful ways and  then find in God a Father, a merciful Father who knows our condition and remembers that we are but dust. If you repent of your sinful ways you’ll meet God as a tender and compassionate God in which your life will be hidden and you’ll find peace, even though, you still won’t have all the answers you are looking for. If you don’t repent, the burden of sin and sorrow will drown you without hope, and you will meet God not as a loving Father but as a just God who abhors sin. You won’t find in His hand comfort but judgment.

These are hard for words, words that may seem harsh, but believe me, these are the only words that can bring you peace and comfort, not only for the now, but for eternity.

I’ll pray for you today, that you may find in Him Life.

7 thoughts on “>"God Let Me Know My Child is in Heaven"

  1. >I stopped by the other day to visit you here Becky…after you visited with me at *my place*. It has been a pleasure and a blessing to get to know you just a little bit through this means. How precious this post is! So full of Truth and Love and Compassion all rolled into one. May the LORD use it for HIS glory!You are so right…if the LORD JEsus is our Saviour we will lovingly be called home one day…but if HE is not our Saviour, HE will righteously judge us. HE does all things well. What a blessing to rest in that Truth.Many blessings to you.In Him,Camille


  2. >wow! esto sí que toca mi corazón, qué increíble Becky, a veces siento que nos volvemos duros ante el dolor ajeno, podemos pasar al lado de alguien que sufre tanto y no lo imaginamos… espero que esta persona llegue a este lugar y pueda encontrar descanso a su alma… Oro por ella .


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