>Monday Morning Prayer


You know how I love to share with you every Monday those mercies that God has bestowed so generously upon  me and my family. This weekend I have been thinking about some of the words that Staci Eastin said in her book, The Organized Heart,
Make Your Schedule a Matter of Prayer
Today, I am simply grateful for that phrase, for those words that have given me lots to think about. So today, instead of sharing my gratitude list with you; I will share a prayer from The Valley of Vision; a prayer for Monday mornings (In the evening I will post one to close our day)
Thou hast made and upholdest all things by the word of thy power;
                           darkness is thy pavilion,
                           thou walkest on the wings of the wind;
                           all nations are nothing before Thee;
                           one generation succeeds another,
                           and we hasten back to the dust;
                           the heavens we behold will banish away
                           like the clouds that cover them,
                           the earth we tread on will dossolve
                           as a morning dream;
But Thou, unchangeable and incorruptible,
                 art for ever and ever,
                 God over all, blessed eternally.
Infinitely great and glorious Thou art.
We are thy offspring and thy care.
Thy hands have made and fashioned us.
Thou hast watched over us with more than parental love,
                                     more than maternal tenderness.
Thou hast holden our soul in life,
and not suffered our feet to be moved.
Thy Divine power has given us all things
necessary for life and godliness.
Let us bless thee at all times and forget not how thou hast
           forgiven our iniquities,
           healed our diseases,
           redeemed our lives from destruction,
           crowned us with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
           satisfied our mouths with good things,
           renewed our youth like the eagle’s.
May thy Holy Scriptures
              govern every part of our lives,
              and regulate the discharge of all our duties,
              so that we may adorn thy doctrine in all things.
May our schedules this week be bathed with prayer; let us see that all that the Lord has set before us to do be governed by Him.

You may want to know that my dear friend Trisha is having a giveaway of Staci Eastin’s book, The Organized Heart, go visit her here, you don’t want to miss it!

3 thoughts on “>Monday Morning Prayer

  1. >Love Valley of Vision and also this reminder. Thank you.Just was thinking about this last week…how Joshua failed (Josh. 9:14) when he "did not ask counsel from the Lord".Posted that I want to not just "do the next right thing" but to actually ask Him what He wants "the next right thing" to be.


  2. >Beautiful reflections, Becky, and thank you for posting the prayer. Am I the only one who doesn't own this book? I think someone needs to do a giveaway for it. :)Thank you, too, for the link to my giveaway. We both know this book will be such a blessing for every woman.Love and hugs, my friend!


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