Wrapping Up the Series: Doctrines in the Kitchen


“My doctrine shall drop as the rain,
my speech shall distil as the dew,
as the small rain upon the tender herb,
and as the showers upon the grass”
Deut 32: 2
WOW! We did have a wonderful feast, didn’t we?
I am grateful for each one of the ladies who contributed to this wonderful banquet.Thank you for all the effort, time and prayers that you invested in your articles. Thank you to my beautiful daughter Annie, to Katie Lloyd and Rachel for their generosity in granting me permission to use many of their beautiful photographs in this series. Thanks to J for making our beautiful button.  I am also grateful for each one of you, Readers, who followed along, for those who left comments, and for those who quietly read and pondered. I am grateful for each one of you, I truly am.
We learned so much while reading about so many beautiful doctrines in the Bible. What do we do now with all these?, you may ask, with all these words in my heart? What’s next?  Many words you read here were probably new for you, many others challenged you, others gave you hope, and some others, I am sure, made you cry.
Dear friend, the most important thing you can do now is go to the Father. Pray, pray earnestly, that He will draw you to His Word. That you will find your delight in His Word, in the beautiful truths hidden in the Scriptures, and that the Holy Spirit will speak to you clearly and open you eyes to see and your ears to hear.
We all are living in different seasons in our lives, some of us are still homeschooling our children, others are nursing babies and changing diapers, others are enjoying being grandmothers. We are exactly where God, in His divine providence, has us now; and we should be happy and content in that season. Some of us have more time to read more books, but others don’t, and that is OK. If you only find time, in this season of your life, to read only one book, let it be, by all means, the Word of God. Let is be your delight day and night, your comfort, your strength, let it change you, abide in it, memorize it, repeat it to your self, to your children. Drink from it, until you thirst no more.
If you are in a season of your life when you have more time to read “big books”, and to study, then you are in the perfect moment to invest time in younger women. Help them, teach them, give them godly advice and godly example. Be a blessing to them! Just as you may prepare a nice dish to take to a young mom who has just delivered her third baby; so you can prepare a feast of the Word and teach her while she nurses her baby. Give what you have. Be generous and share with younger mothers what you have been given.
I love doctrine, I love it so much because  for so many years I did not have any structure in my spiritual life and was very easily deceived. Now I face another danger. I can become a woman who knows her doctrine back and forth but doesn’t live it with passion. J.C. Ryle says it well,
“Doctrine is useless if it is not accompanied by a holy life.
It is worse than useless; it does positive harm.
Something of ‘the image of Christ’ must be seen
and observed by others in our private life, and
habits, and character, and doings.”
I pray that if you are like me, passionate about sound doctrine, you and I  may be also passionate about living it in our private lives, in our prayer closets, in our our habits, and with our husband and children. May God help us!
This series ends this weekend, (tomorrow, I invite you to come and read the closing post of this series in which you’ll see what is the best response we can have after receiving sound doctrine), and some of you have asked us what’s coming next.  Well, we will love to keep communicating with you, and the easiest way will be through our Facebook page. We will keep it updated with good links to different articles, (many of them written by our contributors in the Kitchen), good recipes, book offers, etc…   And God willing, we may cook something new for you in the future!
Once again, thank you, thank you for you kind response.


Soli Deo Gloria!



9 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Series: Doctrines in the Kitchen

  1. >"I pray that if you are like me, passionate about sound doctrine, you and I may be also passionate about living it in our private lives, in our prayer closets, in our habits, and with our husband and children. May God help us!"May God help us indeed. Becky, I can't tell you how blessed, encouraged, exhorted and challenged I have been by this series. I need all of God's help indeed to ensure that the exhortation and challenge does not go to waste. Thank you so much for this series. May God bless you Becky, and all the ladies who have been meeting here in your kitchen.


  2. >I so appreciate you offering "your kitchen" for us to come and go over the doctrines of our faith. How important it is for us to know them and live them. I appreciate you putting this together Becky. I am an older woman who is endeavoring to teach what I have learned to younger women and to encourage them as they raise their children. We need one another in sweet fellowship because each one of us has a gift we can share. When we join together in the love of Christ, we are strong and can face the daily challenges of life. My husband and I are teaching the Westminster Shorter Catechism in our Sunday School class so this whole series bolstered so much of what we have discussed. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.


  3. >Thank you so much Becky for all of the time and effort you put into hosting this terrific series. I have been so very blessed by reading all of the other women's articles!I love the JC Ryle quote too! Amen, to that because if a holier life doesnt' follow all of this great cooking then we've forgotten to add the main incredient. (obedience).Much, much love to you sweet friend!(and also, thank you so much for linking to my posts – you're so kind)


  4. >Thank you, Becky, for all of your hard work, and thank you to all of the other ladies, too, who contributed. I've been very blessed and appreciate the encouragement from each and every one of you. May God give us all the grace to graciously live out His truths. May our lives be a sweet aroma of Christ to those around us.


  5. >Well done and well said, my beautiful friend. You truly blessed us with a month-long feast! I especially appreciate your words today, "Now I face another danger. I can become a woman who knows her doctrine back and forth but doesn't live it with passion."Thank you for your honesty, Becky. It's the icing on top!Love,-E


  6. >Becky,Thank you so much for hosting this Doctrines in the Kitchen series! It has been wonderful to "meet" fellow sisters who love doctrine and seek to live in light of it!Thank you for the encouragement to continue digging deep into God's Word! What a privilege it is to draw near to Him through the precious blood of Christ!Have a blessed weekend, my friend!Warmly,Elizabeth


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