>But God… by Casey Lute a Book Review


Cruciform Press has published another great book: But God… by Casey Lute. This is a wonderful book that deals with the two words in the Bible that I have always underlined and highlighted on my Bible: But God…
Cruciform Press
In his new book, Casey Lute goes through different key passages in the Scriptures that points us to those “But God…” moments that change everything.

“To the left of “But God” in Scripture appear some of the worst human atrocities, characterized by disobedience and rebellion. To the left of “But God” is hopelessness, darkness, and death. But to its right, following “But God,” readers of Scripture will find hope, light, and life. Following God’s intervention, the story of Scripture becomes one of grace, righteousness, and justice….  

‘But God’ marks God’s relentless, merciful interventions in human history.

Lute’s style is very readable, you really won’t want to put the book down, until you finish it.   Lute is very clear but not simplistic. He quotes and points to many different sources. I really think this is a book that I would have enjoyed more if it were longer.
This book also helped me greatly to see a wonderful way to preach the gospel with unbelievers.  What a marvelous way to talk about God’s redemptive plan sharing through all the “But God… moments” in history. If it were not for those two words we would be dead and without hope.
“But God…” is also an excellent source to share the doctrines of grace with those who are not familiar with them.  In a very simple way to understand, Lute’s way of sharing the redemptive story, draws the reader to the conclusion that men are absolutely incapable of saving themselves, unless God intervenes; unless we have a “But God…” moment in our life.
Few of my favorite quotes are these:

“Some say “God helps those who help themselves,” but the Bible says the exact opposite: God helps the helpless. God helps those who, left to themselves, would die in their sins. He even helps those who hate him and who, by nature, continually oppose him. He does this because he is not like us. By nature, he is “merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness” (Exodus 34:6).”

If we believe the Bible’s teaching that we have been saved simply because God chose to save us, shouldn’t this stir us up to help those in need, even those who do not deserve it? Should it not make us kind and patient toward others, and far less tempted to be critical of those who do not “measure up”? Should we not be the most loving, encouraging, forgiving, and compassionate people on earth? The doctrine of election calls us to teach others the truth in love, not flee them in fear, not reject or look down on them in pride.”

The God Who Loves So does God love us because we are lovable? Quite the opposite. We all followed sin, Satan, and self. Apart from God’s gracious intervention, we would have remained objects of his wrath instead of recipients of his grace. But God chose to show grace, and in doing so, he chose us.

This is a book I would definitely recommend for those who been amazed by those two words in the Bible; and also for those who doesn’t know the powerful meaning of “But God…”


An advanced electronic copy of this book was provided by Cruciform Press for review purposes.

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