>Gratitude Monday


“What shall I render unto the Lord 
for all his benefits to me?” 
Psalm 116:12
Monday is here, and for me it is a joy to take a day to give thanks to God publicly for all the mercies He has bestowed upon us as a family.
I like what MacDuff has to say on respect to gratitude:
“The Christian, as he journeys onwards in the pathway of life, ought frequently to look back, and standing, as it were, on the shadowy side of the hill, review the way by which God has led him. If we would keep alive our gratitude–if we would have it to increase more and more, until, like a holy flame, it burns within us–we must often, in thought, retrace the varied turnings and windings of our earthly pilgrimage. We are so prone, amid our daily duties and our converse with the world, to forget and overlook the benefits received, that only by a careful and frequent retrospect, can we continue, from day to day, cherishing a spirit of true and ever-increasing thankfulness to God. But, the oftener we make the review, the greater cause will we have for saying, with David, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my father’s house, that you have brought me hitherto?”
For me, Monday is the day I make a stop and look back, and give thanks to Him, my God and Maker, the Father of lights from whom all blessings flow.
Would you praise God with me today?
#1259- 1267
A precious log. Knots of time, colors and patterns that grab my attention. How can simple things can be so pretty? I am grateful I have eyes to see this. 
Sharing the table with friends whose eyes I had not seen before. O the gift of being together, and hugging! I am so grateful that online friends and students are real!
The joy of having a precious daughter who laughs and enjoys the time we spend together.
A delayed canceled flight, a simple and clean bed to spend the night, no clean clothes, a hot shower,  perfume testers at the airport, a piece of lost luggage,  coffee, my husband’s hug, laughs, tired bodies, a found piece of luggage.
Being back home and finding my Mom’s delicious food on the table; hugs and kisses from the rest of my children, and the embrace of my Dad.
Last week of school. I am grateful for Veritas Press Scholars Academy, for each one of my students, for each one of my children’s teachers,  for the way they have influenced my children’s lives. 
I am grateful to see how God has helped me to memorize His Word, and meditate on it day and night.
Thankful for the ONE gift I did not ask for, as the Puritan prayer says,
“Unsought Thou hast given me the greatest gift,
the person of Thy Son,
and in Him thou wilt give me all I need”
May we look behind and give thanks to God for all the benefits He has given us, and for all the things that He has withhold from us. 
May God help us to step into a new day with nothing less than a grateful heart, and may His Spirit help us to do all things without grumbling or complaining, so that we may be blameless, innocent children of God  in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom, by His infinite gracem we shine as lights of the world.
Praising God with you today, 

3 thoughts on “>Gratitude Monday

  1. >Love the Puritan quote, Becky! I admit I find it hard to give thanks for the benefits God has withheld from me, especially when it involves having our family thousands of miles away. Remembering His goodness in all things is always an encouragement, even in the hard things. Blessings on your day!


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