>What Do You Think?

>I think that Lena has made a great job! I love the way she captured all that I asked for and made this new image of the blog. (If you like the former look,  or my Spanish blog, know that she also made them!) This is the third time I have worked with her and I am very pleased with what she does. Lena offers customized blog designs, and also lots of nice premades, which are very cheap and help her get the funds for the adoption process of a new child. And wait, she also offers some freebies (like these), and great tutorials.

Thank you, Lena!

I hope that you’ll find this place a good one to visit while drinking your favorite summer drink!

Under His sun and by His grace,


13 thoughts on “>What Do You Think?

  1. >Love it! That particular blue and the background swirly pattern is easy on the eyes…and as much as I still love your beautiful Mexican sky in the old header, I love the combination of photos in this one–a feast for the eyes!Coming to your site is ALWAYS a pleasure, Becky. Qué bueno!-E


  2. >Wow! Fantastic work! My 5 year old daughter's favorite doll is named "Lena". I'll have to inform my daughter about her doll Lena's web work. That should be fun. :)Great work! Great looking site!! Sorry I don't swing by more often! Your posts are always filled with encouraging words of doctrine, praise and thanksgiving!Have a grace filled weekend!paul


What Do You Think?

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