>When the Sound of the Bagpipes Made Me Cry


This story started six months ago, when our son started to learn how to play the chanter (the instrument you first need to learn how to play before start playing the bagpipes). He was very diligent, every day we would hear him making music, and we’d smile. He has making such a big progress. So one day, dad bought him the real thing: professional bagpipes. His instrument traveled many, many miles. It made it home, however,  a piece was broken, so our son had to wait few more weeks until the replacement came.

He still spent many hours behind the chanter. He really wanted to be ready to play among his friends at the End of the Year Gathering in PA.

The bagpipes were ready only a week before our trip. Four hours a day seemed not to be enough to practice, but we were all surprised. It sounded beautiful! The night before our trip, he calls me, and plays for me, I smiled and breathed thanks. He felt he was ready, he would definitely bring his pipes to the trip. His dream was about to come true.

To our surprise, on the first checkpoint at the airport in Mexico, they wouldn’t let him bring his pipes on board, and we did not have enough time to check them in; so we just handed them to our friends who (thank God!) were still waving us good-bye from the other side of the checkpoint.

I cried and my son hugged me. We just couldn’t believe it… all those hours, all those dreams. For a moment I almost forgot that I am living in the Sacred.

My Beloved held my hand, and said to me “This is God dealing with our son. He has a plan.”

We made it to the EOTYG safely, we even tried to forget about it. We were with our beloved friends, and we had so many reasons to be happy and grateful.

Until one evening, in the lobby of our hotel, we had the privilege to meet a wonderful family, whose son also played the bagpipes and had brought them with him.  We smiled, and of course, shared our story with them.

Few days later, on the open mic night, all of a sudden, with out expecting it, our son had some bagpipes in hand and started to play. I turned around and looked into the eyes of the mom whose son had brought bagpipes. We were both crying, while our sons were smiling.

This was God dealing with my son’s heart. He had a plan, a lesson to teach him and I was just an spectator.

Moments like this, help us see that at the end it is God who deals personally with each one of our children. At the end of the day, it will be Him and each one of our children alone. We watch as spectators, and give thanks.

It is in moments like this that we are reminded that God is sovereign over all things.  That we are living under His sun and by His grace.


11 thoughts on “>When the Sound of the Bagpipes Made Me Cry

  1. What an amazing story, Mrs. Pliego! When I first met Nikko and he told me security wouldn't let him bring his bagpipes on the plane, I was sad for him, but I had no idea what you had been through! He sounded so amazing, I thought he was joking when he said he had only been playing two weeks! He sounded much better than that! We all really were blown away! I really loved getting to meet you all and i loved having Nikko in my bio class! I hope to see you next year at the EOYG!
    Btw I love the photo you posted! Such a great facial expression!


  2. >One of the hardest things I deal with as a mother is watching God "deal with" my daughter. I want to manipulate the situation and make it okay for her. I need to learn that her trials will make her stronger, like my own have done for me. For it is in those moments I see God most clearly. May the Lord forgive me for wanting to overshadow Him as He works out His sovereign plan in my daughter's life.Like everyone else, I love the photo. It is pure joy!


  3. >This is such a beautiful story Becky!It was great wisdom on your husband's part to respond in such a way, "this is God dealing with our son." Thank you for sharing it with us. By the way, I love the new look of the site, very pretty!


  4. >Mrs. Pliego – What a gorgeous story; I enjoyed Nico's playing so very much, but knowing the story behind it adds such depth, and it is such a tribute to God's love. The picture says it all. Our Father is truly so good and so sovereign. You have a beautiful family and I am inspired by you and your wonderful children. God's light shines so brightly from you all.


  5. >Paul and I are so sorry that we got hungry and went to get something to eat and missed Nikko's song. We would have loved to have heard Nikko play the pipes, especially since he didn't have them yet while we very visiting you in Mexico. Anyway, what a wonderful story. So blessed to hear how the Lord worked it out for him. The photo really tells a lot of Nikko's joy in playing them. If you could, we would love it if you could send that photo to us via email. 🙂


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