>A Prayer for my Husband and a Giveaway


He is my man, I love him and I praise God for giving me to him, and for giving him to me. His embrace is all I want, and being with him is a gift from the Lord.

Today I am specially grateful for my man, and for the privilege God has given me to intercede for him every day. He goes to the world every day,  and faces thorns and whistles and fights for us, while I wait in the quiet of our home, longing for his coming at night.

This is my prayer for my husband today. (adapted from Prayers of an Excellent Wife  -p.68- 69)

O thou Giving God,
Be gracious to my husband today, for to you do I cry all the day. Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, do I lift up his soul.

Teach him Your way that he might walk in Your truth; unite his heart to fear Your Name. Turn to him and be gracious to him; give him strength, and save him.

O beloved, sing with me of the steadfast love of the LORD forever; with your mouth make know his faithfulness to all generations!

Glorious God,

Let your favor be upon my husband. Establish the work of his hands.

Be his dwelling place, Most High, and be his refuge, so that no evil shall be allowed to befall him. Command Your angels concerning him to guard him in all his ways. Because You hold fast to him in love, please deliver him; protect him because he knows Your Name.

When he calls to You answer him; be with him in trouble; rescue him and honor him. With long life satisfy him, and show him Your salvation. Satisfy him with your beauty.

In the name of my Lord and Mediator Jesus, whose name is above all other names,


I would love to bless you with a printed copy of this book, if you are interested in participating in this giveaway, just leave a comment (please be sure to leave some contact information). I would appreciate if you pass the voice around by sharing this on facebook or twitter. (only USA, Mexico and Canada addresses)

The winner will be drawn Saturday June 25.

Under His sun and by His grace,


You can download for free this collection of Scriptural prayers here.
or buy the book here.

15 thoughts on “>A Prayer for my Husband and a Giveaway

  1. >I've just recently run across your blog. I'm newly married and long to pray for my husband; this book would be such a wonderful resource for me to do it better. I'm really excited about diving into it. Thank you for sharing. aealaniz122 at gmail dot com


  2. >What a beautiful prayer, saying exactly what I mean to say! Thank you for posting it today, and for being a source of encouragement every day. I do enjoy your blog.Please don't put my name in the drawing for this book – I am enjoying "Grace Alone" by Sinclair Ferguson, thanks to you! Blessings!


  3. >Beautiful post, Becky, but don't enter me since I my digital copy suffices. Our husbands are truly gifts and face thorns and whistles and fights for us all the time to keep us safe. Thank you for the reminder to intercede for them. It is a privilege. Blessings!


  4. >Becky,Thank you for sharing this prayer and giving an opportunity for the giveaway. I long for new ways to pray for my husband. I am richly blessed in many ways, but one such way is that I get to work with my husband (and children) in a family business (it keeps us very busy).


  5. >I love this, Becky. The heart of a woman whose husband has full confidence in her. I have similar thoughts, as I hear him leave in the morning, sometimes so early, and I marvel at the strength God has given him…all that "get up and go-ism." I know he does it for love.And like you, my heart longs for him all day long, waiting with anticipation for his return at night. Marriage, that perfect picture of Christ and the Church. Thank you, faithful friend!-E


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