>We Homeschool Not Because We are Stronger


Challies has been talking about homeschooling, and it is always interesting for me, living in a country where homeschooling (Mexico) is practically non existent, to see from “afar” all the debates and divisions that this subject brings.

We are a passionate homeschooling family, and in the first years of our homeschooling journey I thought every Christian should homeschool their children, and I was hard on those who didn’t; thank God I have learned some grace, today I don’t dare to speak against those who send their children to schools (either Christians or not), because as I see my children walking in the ways of the Lord I can not say that it is because “we have done all things right” that they are godly. No, we know that it is because it has pleased God to give our children a heart for Him. It is grace, all grace. Homeschooling is not the way to God; nor the way to be saved, nor the way to secure that our children will grow in grace. Salvation belongs to the Lord, not to the homeschooling families.

We homeschool our children not because we are stronger; maybe it is because we are weaker. Maybe it is because we want to *do* something to ensure that our kids will walk upright. It is a great danger, if we think that because we are a homeschooling family, we will in turn, see godly results in our children. God forbid! It is not by what we do or not do, it is because it pleases Him to bring our children to Him.

I am not stronger because I am a homeschool mom. In fact, these past 10 years, I have seen in my own life how weak I am. How much I weary and wander. Teaching our children to walk in the ways of the Lord is a gigantic task, one not suitable for those who claim to be strong, but for those who are weak and dare to say “Lord, this seems impossible, how can I do this? Come, help me! I depend on you.” 

I remember how our story began; our oldest (who is going to College this fall) was 8 years old, he was attending a private school (not Christian) and was a happy boy with many friends, and very good grades. But we were not happy with the things they were teaching him; so that summer my Beloved and I talked about homeschooling, we prayed, and cried. We did not know anything about homeschooling. There were no homeschool book fairs, or support groups or co-ops. We were two weak people asking God to help us raise our kids in His Word.

One night as I was crying and praying, the Lord reminded me of a passionate prayer of my youth: “Lord, use my life. I want to serve you full time. I want to change lives” I knew this was the answer to that prayer. So this weak couple, with trembling knees, began a journey that has become the most rewarding one; the most delightful one; the journey in which over and over again we have seen how when we are weak He is strong.

Because of His amazing grace,


13 thoughts on “>We Homeschool Not Because We are Stronger

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It's really encouraging to hear that other families have taken the same journey. I pray that the Lord helps my unbelief…I worry so much about the financial hurdles of doing all of this. I still say that it's a miracle that we'll be able to do all of this on my salary, especially during a recession. I know that God will take care of us and give us the means to educate our children properly. Thank you again, sister!


  2. Wonderful post! Very well said! And amen to the fact that it is the LORD Who does the saving and keeping…we are instruments in HIS Hand! How amazing to think that HE would use us!! And I agree…homeschooling has actually revealed to me how weak I really am! All glory to HIM! HE alone is worthy. 🙂

    Many blessings to you!


  3. >Wonderful Post Becky!!!! I so appreciate your tender and humble heart. My husband and I also found ourselves at a crossroads and prayed for six months before deciding to homeschool way back in what seems like the "dark ages" now before it became popular. We did not like what our daughter was learning in public school. So it was God who called us to step out in faith and home school. We did it for 21 years with blessings to show for it. My friends thought I was crazy and waited to see how quickly I would quit. But it was God who kept us going. When He is in it, we succeed because of His grace. Thank you so much for sharing this.


  4. >Great post, Becky!As homeschoolers one can fall into the mindset that our kids will turn out well because of what we did and impose our convictions upon others. Thanks for the reminder that it is all of grace.


  5. >Very well said. I'm just beginning the journey of homeschooling…so much beginning that I'm not quite there yet! We (my husband and me) spend our time learning about worldviews and being overwhelmed with ALL the curriculum. It's so easy to be "anti-public school" rather than pro homeschool. (Stole those terms from another homeschool mom.) You coined all the strange notions that come through our heads perfectly…i.e., we can save them through homeschooling.Even though I haven't started, I still have to remind myself each day that it is Him and not me that will carry us through this.


  6. >I was one of those home-school moms too that thought, if possible, every child (from a Christian family) should be home-schooled. It's only been in recent months that my heart has begun to soften in this aspect, by the grace of God.


  7. >Becky, I love your heart! As a non-home-schooling mum, I appreciate you have softened your stance to those of us in this group…yet we remain ever vigilant to what Harry is being taught and it will not surprise me in the least if one day we too join you in the home-schooling path. I would love to hear more about your experiences of home-schooling. God bless you and all your family, Becky. May you continue to bring Him glory through your lives.


  8. >Excellent, Becky. So true. As it has been with us, the decision to homeschool means that He leads, guides AND equips us to do what we could never do without Him, and whatever the increase, it all belongs to Him."Homeschooling is not the way to God; nor the way to be saved, nor the way to secure that our children will grow in grace. Salvation belongs to the Lord, not to the homeschooling families."Thank you for speaking truth, friend!-E


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