Good Books for Girls and Boys (8-11) -And a Giveaway-

Earlier this week I posted J.R. Miller’s exhortation about how we must be careful on which books we choose to read; and I am pretty sure that this is something we need to teach to our children pretty soon in life. We want them to be readers but wise readers. Readers that grow not only as independent readers but readers that love to read good books, books that challenge them to grow in virtue and character, and having this in mind let us look at these books.

My friend Hollie asked me which books I would recommend for her 9yo girl; so I thought I would share my answer with you all including books for both, boys and girls. But to make this list even richer, I asked some of my friends (most of them Classical educators) to list some their favorite ones, and they did add some good books to the list. Look at it, see what you think and why not, suggest few more in the comments.

The Long List:

Black Ships Before Troy (The Story of the Iliad) is a book that I really enjoyed reading with my girl. We found many good opportunities to talk about love, marriage, and faithfulness in the light of God’s Word. (VP Comprehension Guide)

and also the Iliad retold for children by the same author, In Search of a Homeland.

If you would like to read and enjoy a good book of Shakespeare stories for children, I would really recommend you the series by Leon Garfield (book I and book II). I love the style, and the illustrations. Just wonderful!

Charlotte’s Web (Isabel’s suggestion)

Chronicles of Narnia

The Hobbit (Literature Guide here) Santiago and Isabel read this book together, and it was so much fun to see them enjoying themselves.

From Dark to Dawn. A Tale of Martin Luther and the Reformation

Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History


These Books from Ligonier

This book is in our wish list; maybe to celebrate Reformation day…

Ligonier Shop

Or this one as a fun introduction to Church History:

See more here

This is a favorite one here:

Ligonier Shop

How important it is to introduce our children to the great biographies of men in the Church History, and Simonetta Carr has done an excellent job writing an amazing series for our children.

Monergism carries all her books.

Another favorite, a rare jewel is Divine and Moral Songs for Children by Isaac Watts, an excellent book for memorization projects, or just to read aloud and reflect on the words. (I wrote more about it here and here)

Elizabeth @ Finding the Motherlode recommends these:

The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques,
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster,
The Trumpeter Swan by E.B. White,
Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin by Marguerite Henry

Elizabeth H. says “I love the historical fiction titles that Christian Focus Publications puts out.”

Brenda likes the American Girl series, and I have to say that Annie enjoyed reading those on her leisure time when she was little.

Amy recommends: The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson, and anything on Ambleside Online’s reading list!

Katy says, “In addition to the classics like RL Stevenson, Lewis, and Tolkien, we have enjoyed Donita K Paul, most everything by Edith Nesbit, and even the new Theodore Boone by Grisham.”

Norma likes:

Grandpa’s Box,(by Starr Meade, and I would like to mention here that she is one of my favorite contemporary authors for children, who writes from a solid Reformed Theology background. See more books of her here)
The Building on the Rock series (5 books)
The Squire and the Scroll
And some classics like, Where the Red Fern Grows.

Sue, whose children are now in a Liberal Arts college, says,  “My kids liked the Redwall series…over and over again.”

And Amy Lee said she liked, when she was that age, Grandma’s Attic books by Arleta Richardson and Childhood of Famous Americans books (available used or at many public libraries).

Lastly, I must say that I am decided to read more fiction books to my little one, like the ones N.D. Wilson has written. My oldest have read them and love them, so I am thinking that even though fantasy is not my favorite genre, I really want to feed Isabel’s soul with stories. (plus, I enjoyed reading Wilson’s book Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl, his style is one that captures your attention fully.)

Looking through all these wonderful books, and because in October we celebrate The Reformation and my little girl’s birthday,  I thought I would host a giveaway. This time however, is for your little ones, which means the “rules” will be different.

Your child (8- 11 yo) must choose which book he or she would like to win (yes, call him and show him the options; or call your grandchildren on the phone -or Skype- and ask them which one will they want to read); then leave a comment with your child’s favorite option. If you have more than one child entering the drawing, please leave a separate comment for each one of them.

The options are:

1. The Barber Who Wanted to Pray by R.C. Sproul

2. Boys and Girls Playing by J.C. Ryle


3.  Trial and Triumph by Richard M. Hannula

4. The Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul

The winner will be announced next Friday, October 21.

Please, feel free to share the goodness with your friends!

May your weekend be full of good books and family time,


10 thoughts on “Good Books for Girls and Boys (8-11) -And a Giveaway-

  1. Oh, sweet Becky, thank you so so much! This is a wonderful list. Just this past week we bought the church history ABCs book to give our girls as a Christmas gift 🙂 I'm definitely book marking this page 🙂

    It's past midnight here so my Emma is sleeping. When we get back home tomorrow I'll have her pick a selection for the give-a-way!

    Much love to you!


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