Songs That Make Me Close My Eyes When I Listen

My friend Kim wrote a few days ago a post with this title and I just loved it, don’t you? So I asked her if she would let me use it at least once a month to share here some of the songs that make me close my eyes when I listen… she said yes, and I am happy to do it today.









Which songs make you close your eyes?


6 thoughts on “Songs That Make Me Close My Eyes When I Listen

  1. What a wonderful idea Becky & Kim! The last few years have brought some of the most beautiful theologically rich songs into the church than we've had for centuries.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    I love most of the Getty's too, especially “The Power of The Cross” that Kim also posted.

    “Oh to see my name written in the wounds” – Wow!


  2. Lovely, Becky! Thanks for the introduction, I hadn't heard these except for the Watermark song.

    My most favorite, “Come, Ye Disconsolate” on the My Cry Ascends alblum by Greg Wilbur,
    also I really like the entire Writing on the Wall Album by Jill Phillips – especially “Even Still” and “Sacred”.
    A friend gave me Reuben Morgan – World Through Your Eyes – “Hear our Prayers” and “Waiting Here”


  3. Kim, you have heard it… it seems that many of your friends will be following your lead. Thanks!

    Great music selections, Persis. I have not heard the last one you are mentioning. I will have to listen to it.


  4. I may have to borrow this idea, too. Thanks, Kim and Becky.

    Here are a few of mine:

    Dear Refuge of my Weary Soul, Anne Steele hymn by Sandra McCracken on one of the Indelible Grace albums

    2nd movement of Brahms' 2nd piano concerto. Absolutely beautiful section between the cello and the piano.

    Your Aire – Alex Kabasser, fingerstyle guitar


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