Hello June -Status Report-

Gennine D. Zlatkis artist

There are a few very exciting things going on in our lives this month, so I’ve decided to share a bit of what is happening in this little corner of the world doing a status report as some of my friends do.

Sitting… in my room, catching up with some emails, grading, blogging.

Drinking… yes, you guessed: Coffee, black.

Realizing… how much my son has grown this past year. Having him back for the summer after his year  in college is amazing. I love seeing the man he has become.

Loving… seeing him playing with his little sister.

Enjoying… having a full house. We will have a full house this summer, and that is one of my favorite things in this world!

Waiting… for Ink Slinger. He will be arriving in a few hours and we are very excited about that!

Unpacking… from our yearly trip to Lancaster, PA. Spending 10 days with amazing friends and beautiful families is definitely a highlight of our year.

Missing… my sister and all the wonderful friends that God has brought to my life, but live far away. I really miss them all!

Packing… we will leave in two days to the beach. Mexican beaches are magical, did you know that?

Planning… how to feed hungry several young men.

Listening… mostly to the guitar (the piano too). There is always some one playing it and singing. Gotta to love having live concerts in your living room all day long!

Grateful… for the body of Christ.  How much we need each other. I pray I will never forget this.

Gotta go, but I promise to post pictures and not to disappear these coming weeks.

Much love!


9 thoughts on “Hello June -Status Report-

  1. How wonderful Becky! The LORD bless you as you enjoy the Summer HE gives! Have a lovely time with all those men! I *get it* when you say you wonder how you are going to feed them all. And the beach…sounds beautiful! ENJOY!

    Blessings to you!


  2. I have always read, but now it seems different…different because you are one of those “new” friends in my life…Lancaster certainly left us more blessed tahn when we arrived. I love that I can visit here until next time…you friend are incredibly gifted with words…
    xoxo ~lori


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