Wherein I Narrate How I Watched a Movie and Cried

Setting: A handful of young men, my daughter and I, some pizza, wine and a good conversation.

Movies were being discussed and let me tell you that these guys know what a good story is, they love good stories, and especially those that carry the message of Redemption. They said I should watch Blood Diamond. So we did. It was not an easy movie to watch because it is definitely “gritty, gruesome, brutal, and cold.” But I kept on watching while my son would say, “Mom, you just have to wait.” And one of the other young men, a good friend,  insisted, “The scene, the powerful scene that encompasses the gospel message is coming.”

And it did come.

It was powerful.


The Father. The Son.

Hatred. Love.


We all cried.

Now it is my turn to recommend this movie to you. Again, it is not an easy to movie to watch. Endure the hell of the first part (it is essential to understand the redemptive story) and have some Kleenex ready for the second half. It is powerful.

You can read a more extensive review of Blood Diamond at The Film Dissectors (know that you’ll find some spoilers though).

Grateful for the Father’s love.



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