Mid-February-Status from the Big City

@Ana Sofía Pliego Photography

Loving… The picture above. Annie captured perfectly a very common expression of her sister. Seeing them having so much fun together makes me smile and want to hug them both!

Watching… The peach and apple trees in our garden blossoming against a perfect blue sky. I love to see the reminders of life all around us. Isn’t this world wonderful? Miracles happen every day in front of our eyes and how I pray that I will have eyes to see them and not take them for granted.

Reading… The Brothers Karamazov and wishing that I was reading it with a group of friends more educated than me. This would be, I am sure, the perfect book to discuss with a friend, or in a class under the instruction of a good teacher (even if that would mean to write a paper about it!).

I just finished reading a wonderful book by Bonhoeffer:  Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community. It helped me understand many things that are not always easy to understand in this life under the sun.

With one of my dearest friends I am reading These Strange Ashes, a book by Elisabeth Elliot. We decided to read it slowly and I am sure learning from both, the author and my friend.

My little one and I are two chapters away from finishing reading a fun, fun book: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. We have had a great time reading it aloud. Thanks to Ink who sent it to us a Christmas gift.  🙂

The Commentary on Ephesians by Chapell and the book on the Sermon on the Mount by Pink, as well as Spurgeon’s commentary on Matthew are being my companions in my morning devotionals. And by the way, have you seen the Journibles? They are a great way to copy the Word of God, jot down study notes, prayers, thoughts, etc. I have been using them for a couple of years now and I love them; right now I am copying Ephesians and the Sermon on the Mount.

Exercising… Yes, I have not quit! 🙂

Listening… To this sermon over and over again. And if you are like me, who sometimes agonizes over relationships and don’t know if it is really possible to set boundaries and standards in our relationships with other Christians without denying the Christan love and grace, you should also listen to it.

Learning… That your own sons and daughters can be your greatest teachers.

Meditating… That when we talk about dying to ourselves for the sake of the Kingdom or our family, we normally think of not doing something or renouncing to do something,  but isn’t it sometimes that dying to ourselves calls us to do the opposite? Sometimes dying to oneself means doing something. Dying to ourselves is not passive, is not a sentiment that only sounds very spiritual but lacks action. Sometimes we need to speak, to act, to move, to choose, to defend, to contend, to do what we would naturally not be inclined to do for the sake of a greater love. And it is not easy.

Counting… The days until I get to see my sister and some of my dear friends in NC! So very grateful for that opportunity!

Embracing… Each day as it comes knowing that our seasons are in God’s hands.

Under His Sun and by His grace,


2 thoughts on “Mid-February-Status from the Big City

  1. Beautiful, Becky. My heart is a bit sad to know I'll be missing you…so close and, yet, so far away. I sure could use one of your awesome hugs right now. Yes, I just know your hugs are awesome. Love you.


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