The Promise of God, a Reality

We are reading a little book: According to Promise by C.H. Spurgeon after breakfast every morning because isn’t it exactly what we need as we start a new day? Don’t we all need to be reminded of His new mercies and never failing promises?

Today the words I read were mingled with grateful tears.

“Yes, the Lord means what He says. He never mocks men with barren words and empty sounds. Why should he deceive his creatures, and ask from them a barren confidence? The Lord may go beyond his word in giving more than it might be thought to mean; but he can never fall short of it. we may interpret his promises upon the most liberal scale. He never falls below the largest rendering which expectation can give to promise. Faith never yet outstripped the bounty of the Lord. Let us embrace the promise, and rejoice that it is substance and not shadow. Let us even now rejoice in it as being the reality of that which we are hoping.” (p.47)


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