Because I Want you to Read Along -A Book Giveaway-

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I can hardly find blogs, books, or good articles to encourage women who, like me, are entering this new stage in life in which “all of a sudden” you are a mom of young adult children. Soemtimes Nancy Wilson at Femina, and Carolyn Mahaney at Girltalk have some pretty good -and challenging- stuff for us, but for the most part, what is written out there is directed towards young moms.

Yesterday I shared about a book I will start reading and, God willing, blogging about starting on February 5. This book, You Never Stop Being a Parent: Thriving in Relationship with Your Adult Children,  will certainly be a blessing to many women who are asking themselves many questions like how their role as a mom changes once their children become adults. So, today, and because I really want you to join me reading in along, and because I know some of my friends are purposely not buying any more books on 2014 (only after they finish the pile they already have at home!), I have decided to give away one copy of this book.


An invitation to read along

So if you want your name to be in the drawing, just leave a comment here. I will announce a winner next  Wednesday, January 22 (USA only).

And if you are not in this season of life yet, make sure to pass the voice among your friends, and don’t forget to enter your name in there; if you win, you can give the book to your friend, you know she will be very happy, right?

Under His sun and by His grace,


10 thoughts on “Because I Want you to Read Along -A Book Giveaway-

  1. Becky, I've come to the conclusion that one of the reasons there aren't many books or articles about this subject is that most of us with adult children don't want to embarrass or hurt our relationship with them or their spouses by publicly discussing our struggles and our need to grow and/or growth in this area.

    I look forward to these discussions around this book here. Thank you.


  2. Wow… I'm glad to know about this book, Becky. I hadn't heard of it so am grateful you mentioned it!

    Our circumstances have been somewhat unique as illness kept my eldest home far longer than typical and my youngest passed him by academically. As my son improved, he resumed college and we are thrilled and blessed by his graduation now at the age of 28! With a daughter in grad school at 24, I've had adult children for quite some time but things will be changing in a whole new way as they both prepare for the next phase of their lives. I look forward to seeing what our Lord has in store for them!!


  3. Becky, I agree! It seems to be a subject that is not discussed very often. That's why I've felt so challenged in my own struggle with this transition. I can't recall any of my friends discussing it, or maybe I just wasn't listening at the time. What a loving idea to bless someone with a copy of this book! Don't enter me, for I will get my own, but I will pass along this wonderful giveaway!


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