As a Baby Growing in Your Arms

This lesson I learned in the kitchen of my friend. Potatoes and onions with spices were in the oven, the salad was almost ready and the men were outside taking care of the meat on the grill.

She calls herself a “gleaner”.  She loves to collect wisdom from here and there and then she feeds her family with sweet morsels of wisdom. It was almost dinner time; I sat by her kitchen table and ate some of those morsels, sweet indeed, and now I would like to share them with you. Just as a good recipe, you must share the goodness…

Talking about homeschooling… the first days of school (or the first years of your homeschooling journey) are just like those days when we came home from the hospital with a beautiful baby in arms. We did not know how to handle this precious gift. We tried different schedules, different ways to hold him, we did not if we were doing things right. We were tired and overwhelmed at times. I still remember some days in which my husband will get home after work and I was still on my pj’s, still waiting for the perfect time to take a shower! My arms were tired, as well as my back.

But one day, my arms were not that tired; I had managed to take showers early in the morning (all mornings) and I started to wear make-up again. 

The Lord was my strength that day and He is my strength today. He strengthen my arms in such a season, and today He is still my present help in time of need.

I don’t know how He does that, but He does. He strengthens not only our arms to do what He has called us to do, but He also strengthens our soul. Day by day, through the reading of His Word, through the power of His Holy Spirit. He is God. He is able.

2 thoughts on “As a Baby Growing in Your Arms

  1. Finding encouragement here today after starting Pip on homeschool preschool this week. I was WIPED after an hour. I have no idea what I’m doing. I am so disorganized. I feel disoriented. I didn’t even intend to homeschool, but she wanted to “go to school” so badly, I thought I would try…

    And try again tomorrow, right?

    Thank you.


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