A Book Recommendation

I have been reading this book the way I like to eat chocolate, slowly and savoring it; I do not want to finish reading it, I am so enjoying it that I wish it could last longer…

 Read why I recommend it here, at Caffeinated Theology.

5 thoughts on “A Book Recommendation

  1. >Thanks for sharing this, Becky! I LOVE Matthew Henry and read his A Church In the House (http://www.librarything.com/work/5285424/book/53275970) and it was outstanding.Did you know that his famous commentary was basically written from the notes his Father had him and his siblings take during their dinner time reading and discussion of the Scriptures? Awesome example for all of us Dads to keep the "Tabletalk" going in the home.I added Family Religion to my half.com wishlist(under $10!). Grace to you, sister!


  2. I love Matthew Henry. I took this book to the hospital when I was delivering one of our children, and a friend who was visiting me liked this so much that I gave it to her. I need to get myself another copy and finish reading it. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  3. Heh! You and I eat chocolate very differently! I suppose I tackle books in much the same way. Thank you for the book recommendations in your posts. I love to read. And thanks for swinging by my blog the other day to post encouragement for gift counting. That was a blessing to me.



  4. “Be not Christians upon your knees, and unbelievers in your shops. While you seem saints in your devotions, prove not yourselves sinners in your conversations”

    What a great book! I love Matthew Henry – this would make a perfect wedding present!

    Thank you for sharing –

    Love and Blessings sister Becky!


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