While In The Quietness…

The words sometimes do not find their way through the pen neither through the keyboard, sometimes you just find out that the best thing to do is remain quiet and wait.

I am learning to be quiet.

Have you been there?

I have been there and while in the quietness, while in the Word, while in prayer, I have been learning.

What do you do when you face conflict and your eyes can’t see clearly? You have several options:

You can cry bitterly, scream or even hurt the other person. You can call your “best friend” and tell her about it and be mad and start a “gossip party”. You can keep it inside of you, and nothing more, just keep the terible feelings inside of you and water the seed of resentment day by day, thought after thought until your heart aches and even your body breaks out.

But there are more options, you can pray. But wait… not any prayer, beware of those prayers that are  self-centered; all those prayers in which you call yourself the victim and you keep acussing the other person. Beware of trusting in your own righteousness.

Pray to the Father, but ask him to search inside of YOU!

Ask Him to change YOU!

Ask Him to use this situation to help YOU grow into a godly woman!

Every situation is meant to help us in our sanctification and we can take those opportunities and use them to mortify the sin in us.

“Give me special grace to fit me for special services, and keep me calm and resigned at all times, humble, solemn, mortified, and conformed to thy will”

The Valley of Vision “Amazing Grace”

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